Fruit Slot Machines

Today there are fantastic games with every theme that you can imagine from time travel to the Wild West. The variety of games is limited only by the creators' imaginations and by the boundaries of the spectacular graphics that they have available to them.

But what if you are one of those players who pine for the old days? You long for the days of single payline, three reel machines, and you long for cherries, lemons and bars. Your dreams are filled with rows of lucky Sevens. What is out there for you?

Finding the Fruit Baskets

Fear not! There is a variety of the old-time fruit themed slot games available online. These games, though high tech and easy to play, are reminiscent of the best of the Vegas machines from the 60s and 70s. Here is a short list of some of our favorite fruit slot machines: wild cherry slots, Cherry Red Slots, Lucky Fruity 7s Slots, Crazy Cherry Slots, Lucky 7s Slots and Fantastic Fruit Slots.

  • Cherry Red 5 Reel - This very attractive 5 reel machine offers coin values ranging from 10¢ all the way to $10, and the big jackpot is a spectacular 4000 coins. You will feel like you are visiting Las Vegas in 1975.
  • Fruit Frenzy - A creative reinvention of the traditional five-reeler, this game will appeal to those who love the old-school slot games but who want a little more pizzazz in their play. This one will take up to five coins, and a big progressive jackpot makes it especially attractive.
  • Fruit Bowl XXV - This 5 reel, seven payline extravaganza is not quite as traditional as the aforementioned machines, but it is still designed to be appealing to those who like a traditional fruit themed machine. Coin values range from 1¢ all the way to $5, and payouts run the gamut all the way up to 7500 coins.
  • Fantastic Fruit - This particularly good looking variant on the traditional three-reel single payline machine has images that are photo-realistic that will make you want to go find yourself a bowl of cherries. Coin values range from 1¢ to $5 and the jackpot is 400 coins.
  • Cherry Red - If cherries are your fruit of choice, then Cherry Red is the game for you! This one is a traditional three-reel, single payline game with a 1600 coin jackpot, making it all the more attractive.

Though not a fruit machine, all slot lovers should be sure to play Queen of the Nile online or double diamond slots! They are slot games that will appeal to all.

These are just a few of the fabulous fruit machines available online. Head on over to your favorite casino and check under "Traditional Slots" to track down the best fruit machines that they have, and get the reels spinning tonight!