Golden Casino Slots

California Gold Slots

Golden Casino has left the US market and is no longer accepting new US players. While we all feel the loss, we can still rejoice in the fact that there are other casinos, new and old, that are committed to serving US players. They include: the new Liberty Slots Casino, Club USA Casino, Aladdin's Gold Casino, Manhattan Slots Casino, Lucky Red Casino and Bovada Casino .

  • Liberty Slots Casino, with its $100 Welcome Bonus;

  • Club USA Casino, with its $777 Bonus;

  • Aladdin's Gold Casino, with its 200% Welcome Bonus;
  • Manhattan Slots casino, with $747 Welcome Bonus;
  • Lucky Red Casino, with $4,000 Welcome Bonus;
  • Bovada Casino, with $500 Welcome Bonus

They are all experienced and well-established casinos ranking high on our list of recommended casinos and what's the most important they use the same software, so you may enjoy the great slot games, as Golden Casino used to have.

If you thoroughly enjoy online slots, we invite you to join Liberty Slots Casino, where casino games are exciting, and the welcome bonuses, promotions, and rewards just can't be beat!

Golden Casino Slots

Golden Casino, like many of the other Vegas Technology casinos that are around, has a rich array of slot machines that people can choose from when they decide to go ahead and become members of Golden Casino. If you are a slot machine person, then you are definitely going to have a great time at Golden Casino choosing from the wide array of Golden Casino Slots machine types that Golden Casino carries. It has access to the full database of games available from Vegas Technology and it takes full advantage of that access with 5-reel video slots, 7-reel video slots, traditional slots and 3-reel slots; all of which are broader categories that have multiple games available in them.

7-Reel Video Slots

7-Reel video slots form the smallest category of slot machine games available at Golden Casino, but at the same time they are also amongst the most beloved. This is because they have a number of pay-lines and a number of different ways to win. When we say 7-reel, what we mean is that there are seven different vertical spinning parts that comprise the slot machine as a whole. Whether you are talking about Farming Futures Slots or Lucky 7s, the 7-reel video slots available at Golden Casino are absolutely spectacular.

5-Reel Video Slots

The 5-Reel video slots are like the 7-reel video slots, but with two less reels for people to use. The 5-reel slots concept has actually been developed quite a bit more than its 7-reel counterpart, which is why the vast majority of Golden Casino slots games available at the casino, are actually of the 5-reel video slots variety. These Golden Casino slots games were the first games to introduce the triple money for free spins concept as well as the outrageously large bonus amounts that people can win during the bonus rounds that are available in many of the 5-reel video slot games. Some of the most acclaimed slot games Vegas Technology has put out such as Queen of the Nile Slot Machine, Karaoke Cash Slots, Bird of Paradise Slots, Dolphin Slots, Funky Chicken Slots, Monkey Slots, Safari Slots, mystical mermaid slots online, Evil Knievel Slots, Cleopatra Slot and Gladiator's Gold Slots are 5-reel video slot machines.

3-Reel Online Slots

If you have ever been to a casino, then chances are that the slot machine you are most comfortable with and familiar with is the 3-reel slot. This is a slot machine of slot machines, because it harkens back to the original days of slot machine playing; the days that everyone remembers fondly. Double Diamond Slots, 3 Wheel of Chance Slots is an example of a Golden Casino 3-reel slot machine.

Traditional Slots

Traditional slot machines, for the most part, are going to be 3-reel slot machines. In fact, wherever you look in the brick and mortar world, the distinction of traditional from 3-reel is not really present. The reason that they are distinct in the online casino gaming world is that 3-reel slots tend to have the full machine design in their graphics, whereas the traditional slots tend to just focus on the actual slot screen. This might be a semantic difference to some, but most Vegas Technology casinos will still make the distinction between 3-reel slots and traditional ones.