Desert Dreams Video Slots

Desert dreams slots are a combination between an archeological dig in the pyramids of Egypt and a Raider's of the Lost Ark type of theme. The graphics are fun and interesting and the betting action on this five reel slot is top notch and definitely worth checking out. With a full twenty paylines this game is sure to keep you interested in the spins and wins and the extra features of the game add to your slot machine experience each time you play. If you haven't tried the game you may want to enter slotsforcash into your browser right now for a chance to play and win some extra cash.

Desert Dream Symbols

When you think of the desert and digging for hidden ancient treasure you probably imagine objects such as shovels, Egyptian workers, blonde assistants, urns and pottery, old gold coins, compasses and of course the ever necessary pick axe. These are all the symbols you can expect to find on the Desert Dream slot game, but there are some special symbols that act as wild symbols and scatter symbols. The Explorer, ever ready to hunt for that treasure, is the wild symbol on the reels. It can be used in any combination on a payline except for as a scatter symbol. The Explorer holds a treasure, a rare jewel, in his hand that actually begins to give off a light when used in a payline win. Another important symbol to keep in mind is the sarcophagus, which is the scatter symbol. The game will actually alert you with a sound like coins hitting the ground when a sarcophagus appears, but you only earn payout if two or more appear across the reels in any position on a spin. This triggers automatic win.

Bonus Spins

Free spins are always an extra bonus on any slot machine game and the Desert Dreams Slots game at slotsforcash online casino is no different. To earn bonus fee spins all that is required is that three or more sarcophagus symbols appear anywhere on the reels in one spin. This combination triggers ten free bonus spins. During those free spins the same rules of the game are in play including the chance to win on the scatter symbol and even earn additional free spins.

Slotsforcash Play

If you think you would like to try your hand at exploring the Desert Dreams slots all you need to do is get online and try the game. It is a great game with lots of action and great payouts, so what are you waiting for?