Ronin Slots

Ronin, known in Japan as a samurai without a master, is part of the legends in Japan. Ronins are known to be mercenaries or bodyguards for over 6 centuries and eventually faded into history. Today, Ronins are back and ready to dish out some of their wealth to those who are fortunate to spot them. Ronin's five reel slot with a 20 line is where you will find these lost samurai's and their wealth. Download Ronin Slots, spin, bet and win your way to the hidden treasures of these masterless samurai's, and when you spot some of them, you may get even more rewards such as free spins, scatter wins and also bonus rounds.

Finding the Ronin's Treasure

Learning where the Ronins have hidden their treasure is easy to do. First and foremost, you need to know the rules of the game. The win direction is usually from left going to the right except when you hit the scattered win, which is basically anywhere. You should also identify the structure of the payout to know better where to place your bets and how much you need to bet to earn some profit. It will also help if you become familiar with the symbols that will earn you prizes. Remember that the minimum bet is $1 cent with the maximum of $10.

The Ronin's Symbol

The Ronin provides you with different symbols as pieces to get to their treasure. You only need to find out what kind of symbols and their prizes are. Just like in Japan, the symbols that you will find here are castles, horses, flags, and samurais. There are also two wild symbols in this game which are the Koku and the symbol of the Ronin. When you get the koku on the third reel, your winnings will be doubled. The symbol of the Ronin acts as a scatter symbol; meaning, that it can take the place of any symbols in the reels to form the winning combination of symbols.

Places to Meet the Ronins

The Ronin Slots can be found in only select places, and it is up to you which place you would choose to meet these legendary figures. Find the best place by looking at the signup bonus that most online sites offer you. The Slots Plus offers you with a 125% match on your deposits, while Win Palace Casino is the perfect place for those who deem themselves as high rollers. Read our Win Palace Casino review.