Kate’s Waddle Slots

The Waddle Slots are inviting one and all to come out and play. Kate, a playful penguin, is inviting players to come out and be a part of the excitement that is happening in the Arctic now. You can be sure that you're playing the right game when you spin the reels and see where they land. The reels on this slot machine are plentiful with colors and fun that come along with them. If this sounds like an exciting thing to do, then you want to make sure that you waddle on over and check out all that comes along with the slot machine and what you get from this.

If you're looking for a progressive, video slot machine that has 10 reels and 10 paylines, making it a bit different from what you would expect from other slot machines. You can be sure that you're getting all that comes from the slot machine and what comes along with what they have to provide. With that in mind, you can then take the time to move forward with the exciting symbols and extras that follow through. Now is the time to take the time, become familiar with the slot machine and the extras and take a spin for yourself and see where it lands.

The Slot Game Software Offered

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to playing a slot machine, but the first thing is being the software that the slot machine comes from. The slot machine is made through Arrow's Edge. This is a great thing to think about because you want the right software company that provides a quality software game for you to spin on and play with. Arrow's Edge is known for the other games they have put out, which are high quality, fun games that come with objections and goals with them. Being a slot machine with this software means it might just be different but in a great way. It is worth checking out.

How Many Symbols are Available

There are always symbols in many of the slot machines that you can play. When it comes to choosing the right symbols to land on, you always have to go with those that are themed to go along with the symbols you are playing on. The symbols are going to make all the difference. There are not generalized symbols which can normally be found in other types of slot machines out there. This is something to think about when it comes down to the symbols on the board. You usually get some of those general symbols on the board, but this one has a widespread, smaller icons, and more themed pictures.

The themed ones to watch out for coming around the board are an igloo, Kate, who is the penguin, orca, other penguins, polar bear, seagull, ship, walrus and other colorful, fun creatures that you would find in the Arctic. The themed symbols are not going to pay out the same. Kate is the highest paying symbol and when you get a lot of her on the board, you're going to be able to get more from landing on many of her. When you match up any of the symbols, especially if you get many of them in a row, this is going to pay out a decent amount. This is the general goal of this slot machine.

What Do the Bonuses Look Like?

You can grab some free spins and bonuses along the way. You just need to land on the same symbols on the right line on the board. One of the lines is linked to the bonuses, as well as the few different progressive jackpots that are on the board. You can open these bonuses and extras when you land on the right symbols on the board in the right spot. Once you do, the more you match, the more spins you can win. The spins can go up to 100 free ones that are given to you if you are able to match that many symbols on the board in front of you. With multiple progressive jackpots out there, you can find yourself having a good time.

Do you want more from this game? Simply download the casino onto your mobile device and start the rolling on the reels right from your mobile device, wherever you are. This allows you to bring the fun along with you for the ride. You can keep the fun and games going when you are on the go. Of course, this game has a lot of other perks besides being able to be played on the go. You just have to check it out for yourself to see where it is bringing you.