Ticket To The Stars Slots

A Ticket to the Stars is an ultra-modern slot game crafted lovingly by Quickspin. The game looks clean, features nice symbols but has a pretty old-school looking set of buttons. Our first impressions of the slot are pretty mixed, but the hint of some exciting features along with superb graphics made us want to do a complete review of the game. Learn all about what makes this slot game tick down below. Keep reading to find out if this slot is worth playing or to quickly rule it out.

Created by Quickspin

We don’t know too much about Quickspin, the developers of this slot game. This Swedish Game studio is newer in the gaming industry, but they can make some very nice looking games. The company designs slots that are simple to play but that come loaded with exciting features and we’re excited to see all that they packed into this game.

Streaks of Gold and Stacked Wilds with Every Spin

We love the streamlined appearance of this slot as well as the spin animations. The wild symbols come stacked on every single reel, and when you spin those reels you’ll see streaks of gold as they pass by. Wilds lead to wins much of the time, and since they’re stacked you’ll come to rely on them to get your big payouts. This slot isn’t a progressive jackpot game, so you’ll be relying on fixed prize payouts you’re your wins. Even still, there is plenty of money available to win from this game.

You Must Wager on All 25 Lines

We aren’t huge fans of fixed payline slots like this one, because they limit wagering options and the playstyle of the game. Ticket to the Stars has 25 always-on paylines that you’ll be using with each spin. This means you’ll trigger lots of wins, but you’ll have to pay more to play this game than most others. You must spend a minimum of $0.25 to spin the reels of this slot. That’s more than some low-stakes players are going to want to risk per round. The betting limit of this slot is a decent $100.00 per spin, which should make it worth a playthrough or two for high-stakes gamblers. Wagers are adjusted by changing up the line bet amount and that’s it, which makes wagering quick and easy to go through.

243 Ways to Win

Even though this slot forces you to wager on 25 paylines per spin, it actually offers players 243 ways to win with each spin. That means you have a lot of money that you can unlock in prize payouts from this slot. Each spin gives you a good chance of winning at least a small prize and it’s common to get several wins with one spin.

The Swooping Symbols Feature Helps with Wins

Much like the avalanche feature of other slot games, this game comes loaded with a swooping symbols feature. Getting wins clears out old symbols and new ones swoop into position. If the new symbols create a win you’ll get that as well and more swoops will occur. This feature can cause chain reactions and lead to more wins again and again.

Small Wins

All the prize payouts from this slot are surprisingly small in size. If you’re used to playing games that award huge prize payouts, you’ll be disappointed with this game. With that said, it’s possible to get combinations of wins that give you lots of different prize payouts one after another and lead to impressive payouts. You just can’t expect to get a nice win from a single spin. That helps redeem this slot a bit, but it still feels pretty low-paying to us.

Unlimited Multiplier Free Spins

Getting three or more of the Bonus symbols unlocks the special free spin round. We like this round personally because it gives players a chance to unlock massive wins through the multiplier system it has. You’ll get between 15 and 25 free spins depending on how many of the Bonus symbols trigger the round. During the bonus, the multiplier increases for every three wins you get. That multiplier will go up indefinitely, which means you can get some shockingly good payouts. The multiplier can go up more than once in a single spin if you get loads of wins during that round.

Fun Play and Mobile Play are Supported

This game supports a fun play mode that lets players demo the game without risking real money. This feature makes it more convenient getting to know this slot and all that it offers and you can easily swap to real money mode if you want to start winning cash for your spins. The slot also offers excellent mobile compatibility. IT runs in a web browser and will load up smoothly on phones, tablets and computers alike. You can even swap from one device to the next and keep on playing on your account in mere moments without downloading anything. This slot is designed for maximum convenience and we didn’t overlook that when reviewing the game or coming up with our overall rating.

RTP Value and Our Rating

This game comes with a 96.52% RTP value, which is decent as far as slot games go. It also offers a good blend of features and it looks really nice. With that said, it pays pretty low for most wins, even when you get some nice combinations going. That’s why we can’t help but keep this slot rating at around a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. The game is fun, it is fast-paced enough to keep us interested, but it doesn’t pay enough. We grew bored of the game eventually because of these smaller prize payouts, though other gamblers might not mind.

A Ticket to the Stars is an entertaining slot game and it looks good enough to get most new gamblers interested in it. The prize payouts are pretty small, and it takes a very lucky player to walk away with a huge win off a single round, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t worth playing. If you like unlocking prizes and winning frequently and don’t mind smaller payouts, this game could be the perfect option for you. If you want huge wins you’ll grow bored of this game and find yourself looking for something else. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the game is the right option for you, so give it a try for yourself.