Martians Attack Slots

Most people have imagined what life would be like if we were invaded by aliens, and Martians Attack is a slot that takes a fun look at that possibility. This slot game features alien UFOs sending down beams of light in the background and gives you loads of chances to uncover some big wins. The slot is a fun-filled creation by InBet and it’s a game we recommend everyone tries out at least once. To find out why to keep reading through our review below. Or just demo the game for yourself right now.

Looks Like an Old School Game

Martians Attack is actually a pretty nice looking game though it doesn’t have that modern feel that other slots have based on the symbols, but the animations in the background. The symbols of this slot game are designed to have a more old-school retro look and that’s what we like about them. When you glance into the backdrop of this slot you’ll notice hovering UFos, blinking lights and an occasional beam abducting an unsuspecting person out in the country. It’s all these things that come together to make a very nice looking game that we just had to try out at least once.

Demo This Game First

Inbet included a demo mode for this slot like many of the other lead development companies are doing today. That means you can test all its features without spending money and play the full game using a play money balance. That’s a great way to get to know this slot game and it gives you a chance to see all the different features in action before risking any money on the game. It’s important to note that you can’t win real money while in Demo mode, and you should swap to a real money mode if you want to increase the amount of excitement you experience while playing this slot. Change modes and you’ll have a chance to win even more.

Huge Wagering Limits

The upper bet limit of this variable 10-payline slot game is ludicrous. You can wager as low as $0.01 per spin and as high as $5000.00 per spin. It’s up to you to decide just how much you want to risk as you spin through one round after another, but if you’re willing to bet the upper limit you could win as much as $4,500,000 from a single spin, which is pretty exciting if you ask us. High rollers love this slot game thanks to its massive limits. To wager you need to set your credit value, turn on between 1 and 10 lines and choose how much you’re going to wager from 1 credit up to 1,000 credits. These settings determine your overall wager amount and control the feel of the game overall as well.

Includes a Gamble Feature

Each time that you get a win in this slot game you’ll have the opportunity to risk that win to double its value. If you choose to do this you’ll be asked to choose Red or Black and the color of the card determines if you win or not. If you do win you can try and double the new value again for an even bigger win, but if you’re wrong you’ll lose everything. This feature makes it possible to accumulate massive prize payouts with enough luck and the courage to keep risking it all.

Massive Prize Potential

The biggest win you can achieve from this slot game is for 900x your total wager amount and that’s achieved by getting five of the spaceship wild symbols on a single payline. Next up is worth 150x your total wager amount followed by 50x your total wager amount. These wins are achieved by getting the next most valuable symbols along with the 2x UFO wild symbol to double their values.

Multiplier Free Games are Offered Too

Anytime you get three or more scatter symbols you’ll trigger a free bonus game that gives you 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier on all the wins. This is your chance to come away with the biggest prize payouts possible and to really make the most of the huge wins that you can get from this slot. It’s possible to re-trigger another 15 free games during one of your bonus spins to keep the fun going for even longer.

It’s Mobile Friendly

One of the tests we perform on every new slot game we test out is to try and load it on different mobile devices. We were pleasantly surprised to see that this game works well on most devices that you throw at it. It remains about the same no matter what you play on and offers ag good gameplay experience all the time. That’s another reason to try this slot even if you aren’t a high roller looking to bet big.

Martians Attack isn’t the most refined slot we’ve ever played, but it still manages to look pretty nice. We very amazed at the payout opportunities offered by this slot and also the astounding maximum wager amount that you can lay down while playing it. With that said, this slot could benefit from additional bonus features and did grow stale over time after hours of testing it out. We still recommend you try the slot, especially if you’re a high roller, and we give this game a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars for its features, its wagering options and the prize payouts it offers.