Dog Gone It Slots

If you love dogs and you want to be the one that catches them, even though you're the dog catcher then this is the slot machine that you want to play in. Pulling the lever and watching the slots reel around is something to think about. If you want to find out more regarding the Dog Gone It Slots, then now is your time to do so. You want to be sure that you're getting all that you need and want from a slot machine that brings in a little fun. We are sure you're going to want to be the one that is adopting a dog when you play this, because who wants to catch them and lock them up?

We all just want them to run free, don't we? With 25 paylines and 5-reels, this is a progressive, video slot that comes with bonus offerings which is a bit more than the traditional slot machines that you might be used too. When this is the case, you can be sure to catch those dogs. The more you catch and land on, the more money you are going to get when the time comes to get a jackpot or more. Are you ready to check out the dogs that are waiting for you?

WGT Software Quality

The quality of the software offered by Wager Gaming Technology is one of the best that you can find out there. This is because you want to make sure that you're playing in a slot machine that is able to provide you with crisp, clean graphics and the sounds that follow. You can then feel confident about your choice. WTG is one software company that always provides though, which is definitely something to think about when you want the best software from a game.

How Many Symbols Can You Find

The symbols that are in the slot machine are what you want to watch out for. This is because you want to ensure that you are getting the right line up of symbols on the app that you have. With the traditional letters that come around the board, these are not going to pay out very much. They are very clever though because the letters are shaped like bones making them match the theme of the slot machine and entire casino. There are other themed symbols that do come around the board, as well and these are definitely symbols you need to keep your eyes open for.

There is then dogs, the dog catcher, the bowl and bone, and the other items that the dog would need such as the net and leash. You can find the dogs that stand out the most when it comes to choose the best possible outcome. When it comes to lining up the right symbols in a row, you want to make sure that you get the catchers and the dogs in a row, as these are going to be the ones that pay out the most. They are ready to catch them all and some.

The Dogs Run in These Bonuses

The dogs that are running the bonuses are dogs you want to line up and run along with. You want to ensure that you are getting all that comes from the use of the fun symbols that follow along with the use of the dogs running and more. The dogs when lined up can open up the free spins feature. This feature then helps you open up the need to spin and land on the right bonuses that can be added to your account. Once added to your account, you can then keep the fun playing. Win up to 50 extra spins!

If you're ready to check into a theme that brings the dogs and the dog bone to the table, then be the catcher and catch them all. Help get the dogs off the streets, and be sure to line them up and cash out on the extras that follow. There is a jackpot with this, though small, that you can win. The more you play, the more chances you get to win at the slot machine.