Witches & Warlocks Slots

There is nothing like a good progressive slot to get your blood pumping! Part of The Frightmare Series from CryptoLogic, this game has a frighteningly good reward. The 5 reels are pinned against a backdrop of what looks to be a haunted graveyard with reel spooky animated trees, completely devoid of leaves and boasting a toothless grin and empty eye sockets. Or are they? The game is fit to be a video slot with detailed and impressive graphics, sound effects and animations that filter through from the reels to the bonus round. So play Witches & Warlocks Slots today and see your fighting spirit put you in the real money.

All bets on the table!

From the 5 reels there are a total of 25 paylines, each payline only takes one coin so increase or decrease your bet size by changing the coin size. But whatever you do, do not reduce the number of activated paylines. Betting on less paylines means that you will miss out on payouts from winning combinations that appear on these lines. Playing max bet on all paylines is your key to the magic and winning the big pot!

Hold your wands at the ready because without warning you could win one of two progressive jackpots randomly. These jackpots are shared between the other 2 games in the series so there is a constant contribution flowing in from all sides making the overflowing cauldron very attractive indeed! This nifty feature pioneered by Cryptologic seems to be a real hit with slot players. A random jackpot does not pay out based on a winning combination; it can be triggered at any on any combination.

Watch as the Witches and Warlocks get ready for the real battle while casting spells at each other across the reels.

All symbols are special, some are just MORE special!

The Warlock, or male witch, is the wild. He is a scary character indeed and as he completes a win he demonstrates his sheer power by casting a flaming red spell or a bolt of lightning across the screen.

The witch is the scatter. Scatters gives you wins provided there are at least 2 on the screen at the same time no matter which payline they are on or which ones are enabled. She is also an incredible animator and relentlessly uses her wand to fight back. She is not going to take red fire balls lying down. It is also her that initiates the great fight between the Witches and Warlocks when there are 3 or more scattered across the reels simultaneously. Each and every symbol in this game is significant because any 2 pays out a prize no matter how small. If the jackpot is not what you are after you are guaranteed to be rewarded with regular wins even if you bet the lowest coin size on all 25 lines.

Other symbols include the witches black cat, a slit eyed glowing pumpkin, a spell book, the witches lucky hat and a potion making set.

Nothing like a feud to resolve our differences

Even though the Witch started the fight you can still choose to be the Warlock when the battle begins. This arcade style bonus round will give you 2 ‘Spells to Raise Hell’ out of a possible 5 so choose wisely. Let the fight begin and watch the two wrestle it out between the two of them. Expect the struggle to be a little short of gruesome under the purple light of an invisible moon casting shadows of spooky trees across the ground. Bonus points are awarded the more effective the chosen spells are on your opponent. Should your player come out victorious, expect a handsome reward.

Once you start you won’t be able to resist the confrontation and a chance to really let your magic loose. With fixed jackpots and random jackpots you can’t lose!

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