Zone of the Zombies Slots

Zone of the Zombies Slots

Do you like films like Night of the Living Dead? If this is something that you enjoy then you will love the slot game titled Zone of the Zombies brought to you by Cryptologic. This slot game has five reels and 25 pay lines with a bonus game and more. The slot game has enough horror and gore that you will not need to look anywhere else. This game is packed full of wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus features, and it also has two progressive jackpots. You can play Zone of the Zombies Slots for real money or you can play it for free.

Two Progressives?

Play this game with coin values that start at one penny and go up to five bucks a spin. This makes the max wager some $125. When you play the standard version of this slot game there are some 6,000 coins at stake in the jackpot but the winnings get much higher considering the progressive. The progressive jackpot is one that accumulates and can be won at the close of any game at random. The two progressives are the Monster Jackpot, which is bigger and the Spooky Jackpot. There are no minimums when it comes to winning either of the progressives.

The Wild Zombie

The Zombie symbol is the wild symbol. This means that the Zombie wild symbol can be substituted for other symbols to complete winning combinations with the exception of the scatter symbol, which is the Hero. As long as you have at least two of the scatters, you win. Three or more Hero scatter symbols scattered anywhere on the five reels activates the Zombie Bonus Feature game. Other symbols in this game include the Victim, the Armored Truck, the Zombie Dog, the Chainsaw, the Shotgun, and the Club with Nails, the Dead Zombie, the Eyeball, Medicine, and the Ammo.

Zombie Bonus Feature

In this bonus game the deal is that you are the Hero and you have to fight your way to the Police Station without being eaten by Zombies. Your mission is to destroy five Zombies and get to the Police Station. You will be able to shoot the Zombies as they get nearer to you and you are compensated for each successful Zombie death. Kill five Zombies and get to the Police Station successfully and you win the game. All Bonus Prizes awarded during the Zombie Bonus Feature are multiplied by your initial bet. Now is the time to face evil head on and get what you have coming to you. You are the hero in Zone of the Zombies Slots!