Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr Cashman Slot is an iconic character older than most of us, and far more welcome any time he appears. Combining one of Australia's most memorable slot icons with insane bonus features, there's a reason Mr Cashman became a legend the world over. The Cashman himself appears across a wide number of games by Aristocrat Leisure Limited, he's somewhat of a slot celebrity bonus feature that you'll always be pining for once you get a taste. You'll probably find yourself addicted real quick for that reason. If not, feel free to prove us wrong by giving it a try!

Premise of Mr Cashman Slot

The distinguishing feature of any slot today tends to be its theme and bonus features. Mr Cashman, however, is a bonus feature within games that plays out in any number of ways. They're a lot of fine, and what ties them all together is that each one is highly lucrative and sought after, making them a special event many players don't expect. Most of them don't even realize he's in a game until they play it, then he pops up, and boom! They're hooked.

Presentation of Mr Cashman Slot

Mr Cashman himself is pretty old school. That doesn't stop him from being crisp, clear, colorful, and compelling to look at, which makes your time spent playing all the easier because of how easy they are on the eyes.

The fact that they include him in other games is the real draw here, which breaks the fourth wall somewhat any time he makes an appearance, showing up like the Kool-Aid man if he came bearing money.

Gameplay Mechanics of Mr Cashman Slot

Mr Cashman is unique in only showing up when players bet everything they have on one compelling spin. When he does, there are five bonus games total that he can begin, each more impressive than the last.

Note that some of these involve progressive jackpots, but they do not stack on top of the existing ones or combine with those multipliers. That would potentially mean winning a billion dollars, so we can understand why they held back there.

The first bonus game is called Random Prize. Mr Cashman waltzes out and waves his hand at the win meter. It goes up and up giving credits until he's finally done being so generous. The amount is random, but goes pretty high.

Random Spins is the second. He'll show up and spin random reels in play, throwing a multiplier over them on his way out that range from 3x to 10x.

The third game is more complicated, being a Poker Machine. A new screen appears, revealing Mr Cashman in a casino. He pulls the lever to spin the reels, with random numbers appearing on each. The award from there is equivalent to what shows up on the reels.

The fourth game is called Choose Your Feature. The scene cuts to our favorite Cashman in front of a curtain holding a gift in one hand and a sac of cash in the other. Then, you pick! The bonus gift ranges from free spins to multipliers, with the money sac going up pretty high as well. We prefer picking the gift, however, as it has more winning potential.

The final, and best, bonus game is called Match the Prize. For his final game, Mr Cashman appears over a moonlit sky. You click the stars overhead until you find a pair of prizes that match, and you win. These prizes are really great, however, so don't like the simplicity fool you. They range from 5 free spins with a 5x multiplier to 40 free spins, and many other combinations in between.

Liked About Mr Cashman Slot

+ Looks great + Decent payouts + Iconic

Disliked About Mr Cashman Slot

- Feel bad when he doesn't show up

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr Cashman Slot Game is the best bonus feature in the business. There's a reason he's known and loved the world over, and anyone that knows of him goes to bed at night dreaming he'll show up. From his iconic look to his theme song, there's a reason he's one of the only real characters in slots that people know. And if you didn't know, now you do!

If you're still reading this, why? Just give any slot with Mr Cashman in it a chance! We did, and our lives are all the better for it. He came, we spun, it was great, and we're forever thankful he exists. He blows any other bonus feature out of the water, and as an added bonus, him being in so many different games is amazing.

He's quite literally the feature to beat in games, and one of Aristocrat's aces in the hole in the slot world.