Hawaii is to Reintroduce an Online Gaming Bill

Despite a previous attempt to introduce a gaming bill in Hawaii that failed, a group of senators are introducing a bill that will legalize Online Gambling including poker. The Senate Bill 769 introduced by State Senators Dela Cruz, Donavan M, Gilbert Kahele and Malama Solomon, this bill will allow people over the age of 18 to be able to gamble online. This bill is almost identical to House Bill 2422, introduced the previous year, will be able to 'set-up' the Hawaai lottery and gaming corporation. This corporation will be responsible for the establishment of online gaming framework for the state. If the bill is passed, the corporation will then have 180 days to set the guidelinesa and find a gaming partner.

It is to be noted, that any company that has offered online gaming prior to September 20th 2011 will be excluded from any participation.

There is also options in the bill that will allow the state to be able to go into interstate partnerships if that option became available.

The proceeds from internet gambling in the state are to be placed in a fund, within the state treasury, where 80% of the money that is deposited, will be distributed towards education in some form or another. The balance will go towards watershed protections, prevention of problem gambling, reduction of problem gamblingand the administration of the fund.

At the present time Hawaii gambling is forbidden in any form, however there have been attempts in the past to change this. Whether this will happen remains to be seen, however, the bill is a positive step towards the right direction for players who want to play poker online in Hawaii.