888 Casino

For those gamblers that want a more social, interactive and realistic experience to computer gambling, 888 Casinos has just provided the solution. 3D gambling, which is really state of the art and a brand new concept, takes the casino right to your computer in a more game-like format. The graphics and colors are outstanding while the presence of an avatar to represent each player gives it more of a realistic feel. The player's avatars are self developed so you can create one that is just like you or just like who you would like to be. The avatars can actually interact with each other, just as you would around the blackjack table or over a high stakes game of poker. They can also be fully customized from their clothing style right down to their facial features and mood. The avatar moves around the casino to various tables, slot games, high roller rooms and other areas of the virtual online gambling site.

The 3D technology was created by an online gambling software company Digital Strip Software. Based out of London, England the company provides some of the most cutting edge technology used on the top online gambling sites around the world. While not all games and casinos offer 3D technology, gamblers that are into the most advanced graphics and games will really enjoy the new technology. As with any good casino the 888 3D Casino is complete with staff members to help out and answer question and their avatars are easy to spot on the casino floor.

For those that want a more traditional online experience 888 Casino offers a full range of old school style games. These games offer the same bonuses, promotions and jackpots of the higher tech version of the casino and are perfect for players of all levels.