Face Up Entertainment wants to bring Online Gaming to Facebook

The Gaming Social Network company has announced that it begun its closed Beta testing of its Facebook's integrated gaming software.

The company announced the release of its Facebook Alpha at the end of the third quarter of 2012, since then they have been hard at work customizing their popular user interface for it to be smoothly integrated into their Facebook platform.

With the hard work of the developers, analysis's and the quality assurance teams the company is ready to launch their Beta part of the testing and eventual release. The version to be Beta tested will bring key users to help them to test the product on their Facebook platform. It will also give valuable feedback said the company's CEO, Felix Elinson. The company expects this phase of testing and the refinement to be run for about 60-90 days and they hope to move to the 'soft launch' stage said Mr Elinson, and that once it reaches the stage of the ultimate release, then they might require approval which they will look at when the time is ripe.

The ultimate goal of the company is to reach 1 billion Facebook users all over the world that will be able to play their legal online offerings as well as other tournament type of games that they have on the drawing board, through their Facebook page online.