Cracker Jack Slots

The Cracker Jack Slots concept is one that is pretty interesting because it happens to be a classic slot machine. In other words, it is a slot machine that is a throwback to the old days when slot machines had arm handles to pull and they made sounds and had bright lights. Granted those slot machines do still exist, but they are mostly in the brick and mortar realm now as the slot machines elsewhere do not really have that going for them. Cracker Jack Slots is a slot machine game that is part of that old tradition and this is perhaps why it is so popular amongst so many different people.

What Cracker Jack is?

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Cracker Jack is a classical slot machine, meaning that the main part of the screen will be the classical reel design and towards the right you will see information regarding the combinations and what those combinations can win for you. It has 3 reels in the style of a classical slot machine and because of the classical design, it does not have any progressive jackpot features within it.

The maximum number of coins that you can use during any one pull is two and if you want a chance at the maximum jackpot of 5000 coins, you would be advised to use both of those coins each time. Classical slot machines rarely have the option to gamble on them and Cracker Jack is designed in that way as well. It has one pay line, allows coins from a quarter to five dollars and has a free practice mode for you to get things down before you head into the main arena and start playing.

Cracker Jack Special Features

There are very few special features attached to Cracker Jack slot machine, because of the fact that it is a classical slot machine. As slot machines grew and became more involved the special features started to increase, but ultimately the special features to begin with were negligible at best. The two special features that the Cracker Jack game has with it are the wild symbol and the multiplier symbol; both of which happen to be the exact same thing. They are both represented by the Cracker Jack symbol, which can not only substitute for any other symbol but can also double the payout with one symbol and quadruple the payout with two symbols. The presence of three symbols will of course trigger the big jackpot that the machine has.

Where to play Cracker Jack Slots

The conclusion that one reaches from playing Cracker Jack Slots game is that it is a throwback to the old guard of slot machines. That means that it will seem more authentic to be playing, but at the same time is unlikely to be particularly exciting at the same time. If you are interested in trying this game out to see everything that it has to offer, you can definitely play Cracker Jack Slots game at 32Red Casino.