Amanda Panda Slots

Amanda Panda Slots are a 25 line 5 reel video slots with free spin bonuses and a random pick feature if your lucky enough to enter the ancient ruins! All bets are of 1 Credit payouts and are the same as the game that won the Ruins of GOLD Free Games! Its really a treat to find an online slot game that gives you the ultimate feel of an actual casino game. What I mean by this is the heart pumping action you get when your at the casino and you trigger the bonus feature, well guess what in Amanda Panda Slots you can trigger the feature to enter the ancient caverns by hitting 3 of the Ruin Entrance logos! After this you will then enter the RUINS OF GOLD where you then have access to different free games. See below. Do not miss out on trying this amazing game and download Amanda Panda Slots Now.


To activate the bonus feature you have to hit 3 scattered symbols which are the ruin entrances. Amanda Panda, Assistant (furry animal ), Golden Artifact, Map/Tools Royals, Ace-9 Feature: After entering the bonus section when hitting 3 ruin entrances you will have to open the door to your free games by matching 2 key halves.

Progressive JACKPOT Feature!

When activating the progressive bonus feature you get to choose between multiple selectable items. Each of these items can be selected by you and each of these items will uncover either a cash credit or a danger warning. On on side of the screen there is a Collect button and a meter identifying how many credits you have won in this jackpot feature but on the opposite side of the screen there is a DANGER meter letting you know how close you are to losing half your credits. By that I mean be careful if you continue to select coins in the progressive feature option and keep on flipping up a danger you can fill up your danger meter and that will result in only receiving half of your credits! If your wise and choose to collect your credits at the perfect moment then you can collect a big reward. All in all Amanda Panda Slots is one of easiest user friendly game to play online and offers a full frontier of sounds, bonuses, and intense gaming action. This is one game you won't get tired of.