Quarter Slots

Slot machines are very popular and many people enjoy playing them. While brick and mortar casinos have been a sure hit in the past, today online casinos are making slot machines even more popular. As a matter of fact, slot machines are the most popular ways to play in the casino. A good deal of these slot machines is referred to as quarter slots. These slot machines require a quarter to get a spin. If a machine says it allows a five coin maximum then you could wager $1.25 per spin. This can be a costly wager for many people but you need to be playing the maximum in order to win the big jackpot. Quarter slot machines do pay out higher jackpots. But the truth is that the machines that accept the higher bets usually offer the best payouts. This means that nickel machines pay back more than penny machines, quarters pay more than nickels...you see where this is going, right?

Bovada Casino

Look at it this way; a quarter is a relatively small investment for hours of fun and a shot at the big jackpot! Look at the quarter slots and ask yourself if the rewards justify the risk involved. A night on the quarter slots might cost you between twenty and fifty bucks at most. Where else can you kill several hours doing something this fun? Go to Bovada Casino( Bodog for USA players) for the best quarter slots.

Fruit Salad Jackpot

Start with Fruit Salad Jackpot which is a classic progressive slot machine. Fruit Salad Jackpot is a quarter slots, allowing a max of five quarters to be played at once. In regards to progressive jackpots, this one is one of the most affordable maxing out at a buck and a quarter. The theme is a classic casino theme that depicts people filling the brick and mortar casinos and the audio actually sound like you are in a casino. It is quite realistic. Fruit Salad Jackpot’s symbols are banana, apple, cherry, watermelon, plum, lemon, single bar, double bar and triple bar.

There is nothing wrong with quarter slots. They can provide you with hours of entertainment without breaking the bank. Fruit Salad Jackpot is just one of the many quarter slots offered at Bodog Casino so pop on in and cash in on the fun. You will surely be glad that you did when you hit that flaming jackpot!