Big Cash Win Slots

Big Cash Win Slots is an exciting and classical slot machine game which most people are familiar with. It is a pretty simple game but it will give you a great and entertaining time while at play. The game features 3 reels and 1 payline utilizing a maximum of 2 coins with a value of $0.05 to $5.00. However, this small amount of bet requirements can give you a rewarding pay out. It also offers a simple free practice mode and offers a jackpot of 2,000 coins. This slot machine game is another creation of Rival. Like any other classic Rival slot machine game, Big Cash Win Slots has symbols like the 7, bar and the common cherry symbols.

Big Cash Win Slots Game

Playing this Big Cash Win Slots is easy. The player can do his betting for 1 or 2 coins using values from $0.05 to $5.00. Two coins can be used and it is always best to bet for both which will give the player more chances of winning the 2,000 coins jackpot. Betting on only 1 coin will only give you a possible winning of 750 coins.

In this game, it is wise to set your goal on the 7s and the cherry symbols as this will give you the most amount of pay out. The other symbols like the traditional bars are the ones that you don’t really want to have around and will keep your chances ticking over. Winning is still easy though as most of the symbols only appear once and pay out is generated.

The symbol which has the Big Cash Win logo is the one that will give you the most pay out. Three of this logo will send you jumping out of the casino with the 2,000 coins jackpot with a lot of money on your pocket.

On the other hand, the game has an auto feature which will allow the player to do automatic reel-spinning. A player can then automatically stop the game after some spins. Also, this is done after a player earns some amount or when an amount is reduced from the remaining total.

This is an exciting game which would not cost you much to play. Having a spin or two surely would not hurt. You can bet to as little as $0.05 and still have a worthwhile return.