Lucky Lightnin' Slots

Lucky Lightnin' is old school. And by "old school" I mean, cool, retro, classic in its approach. This isn't the sort of game you play if you want to be pounded by insane sound effects and whacky animations. This is a slot you play because you like simplicity, and you remember how awesome the one armed bandits were before the days of five and seven reel slots.

Lucky Lightnin' is a great example of how perfectly simple and yet totally entertaining a video slot game can be.

Grab the Handle

In keeping with its style, playing Lucky Lightnin' is extremely simple to get the hang of. You only have two key decisions to make: how many coins to play, and how much each one is worth.

The virtual "coins" that the machine takes can be set in value at anywhere between 5c and $5. So this game is equally accessible to someone just wanting to take it for a spin and to someone ready for a serious session of gambling.

How many coins to play on each spin should be a no brainer. On a single coin the top jackpot is 800 coins. On three, it's 2,500 - potentially $12,500.

Recognizing the Lightning Bolts

The imagery on the reels is pretty straight forward as the developers have chosen to stick with their classic theme. Interestingly, this game affords you a cash back win if the line comes up black.

After that, the next best thing is cherries. Then a combination of any three bars. Then a line of single bars.

After that, two cherries or three plums bring in the piles of coins. But even better is a line of three cherries, or three oranges. A line of double bars is the penultimate combo, and the jackpot is triggered when you hit a line of red 7s.

Getting the Most Power out of the Lightning

For authenticity, this game doesn't have a special bonus round, as the games it is modeled on didn't either. This means that there are two ways to get the most out of it, and they both have to do with coins.

The biggest prizes come when you're playing the game on three coins. If you're using coins valued at $1 and above, the game's top prize is 2,500 coins. But if you're using 50c and below, then you're playing for a progressive jackpot.

The value of the jackpot you're playing for becomes displayed above the reels if you switch down below $1 coins. The strategy, therefore, is to peep at what the progressive is, currently. If it's worth more in dollars than you'd win if you played large coins, then play small coins!

Where to Find the Lightning

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