Grand Eagle Casino

When it comes to soaring high with the Grand Eagle Casino, then you want to make sure that you walk into the lobby and are greeted with a scene that you want to be a part of. This is always a good thing, as you need to feel comfortable making a deposit with them and actually doing what needs to be done inside the casino when you lay your cards down. The lobby is filled with bright, colorful pictures that are cartoon-like and have a fun appeal to them. This invites you inside and makes you want to be a part of the casino and what they have to offer.

The software provider for this casino is Saucify, which is a software that is not well known throughout the area. They are a great choice to go with, though, if you want something fun and exciting to play on and with. They also offer games from Rival Gaming and BetSoft, which are great for those that know these software companies and want to stick with playing with their games.

Those from Canada, New Zealand, USA and Sweden are welcome to come inside and have a bit of fun, but unfortunately, if you're from different parts of Europe, you may not be able to play inside this casino.

The Offerings Inside the Casino

If you are visiting the casino for some fun, then you want to make sure you check into the many options that are available for you to use to your advantage. Here are some of the slots you can expect to find in the Grand Eagle Casino.

The Prize is Right: The Prize is Right is one of the most loved games from the entire casino, which is something worth checking out if you want to look into what they have to offer.

Double Trouble: The Double Trouble is out there and when it comes to the double payment, you want to check out what comes from the use of the slots. They provide some of the higher-end options that you can get from the slots that are exciting to reach out with.

Cricket Fever: The crickets that are chirping out there are crickets you want to listen to. Once you hear them and follow along with them, you might be able to find out where the big payments are hiding. Make sure to listen to them singing and spin the reels to see where they land.

A lot of the games that are at the top of the list are new, such as the above options and you can also find that Gems and Jewels, Big Games, and Show Me the Honey and more. You can be sure to check these out and see if one of them is your favorite option to go out with.

There are a number of free games that you can check out without having to put cash into your player account and play with it. Additionally, when you are using these games, they are just smaller portions of the games that you can use, as this is something that is a snippet into what you want to use. You can also play for cash in your account when you land in the right place.

Casino Promotions and Bonuses Being Offered

There are a number of promotions and bonuses that you can use when it comes to being a new player in the casino, as well as regular players that want to get some free cash into their account.

  • Get up to an 80% match on up to $400.
  • They provide a 100% bonus on a minimum of $35 when you play the new games that are being offered on the front page.
  • There is also a 100% match on up to $300.
  • As a spooky bonus, they are offering a 75% match to those players that sign up and are regular players inside the casino.
  • You can check in and grab some free chips to play with the slots and get some free spins that come in when you sign up and into your account within a specific time frame.

Make use of all that comes from the extras that are offered from the bonuses, the promotions, and the extras that are given to all of the players in the casino, not just to those that are new to the casino and are playing.

Tournaments Provide More Extras

Those that want to take part in tournaments are able to enjoy the many extras that come from being able to sign up with $500 Saucify tournaments. These are held by the software company that provides the players with the top experience that they are looking for, while also ensuring that they can take part in them when playing in any of the casinos that offer this type of software.

The payouts for the tournaments are quite high, while the percentages for the slots and tables that are offered are at a higher percentage than some of the other places you can play, such as 80-98% when you are a winner.

The Many Ways to Play

There are a number of ways to play in the casino when you want to take advantage of the extras that are out there. You should be able to enjoy the many things that the casino offers, regardless of where you choose to play. Those that want to play on the download version are able to do so, additionally, you can play on the Flash version on the webpage. Those that travel a lot are able to enjoy the many benefits that come from the mobile version that they are offering.

If you wish to play on the mobile version, here are the steps to take to download the app to your mobile phone.

  • Go to the app store and download the casino to your mobile phone
  • Open the app and sign into your account or create an account with the casino
  • Play any of the games that are offered right from your mobile phone

You don't have to worry about a thing except for having wifi or data to connect to the casino and get the benefits that come from being able to play while on the go. You can download this on your Android, iPhone or another device, or even to your tablet.

Those that want to play on any of these platforms or in these places need to make sure that they have an account. This is important, as you want to ensure that you are taking advantage of the many places you want to play.

Becoming an Affiliate

Those that want to make some cash by recommending a casino to those that you know can do so when they sign up with the affiliate program that is offered by Grand Eagle Casino. Those that sign up with the casino through your link are all counted for you. This means you get a percentage of the money back from when they sign up with the casino to get more.

Depositing and Withdrawing from the Casino

When you want to make sure that you're making a secure deposit and withdrawal, then find out the methods that they offer for both of these.

  • Credit and Debit cards
  • Pre-Paid or gift cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Skrill eWallet
  • Skrill Visa
  • Skrill MasterCard
  • Ecopayz e-Wallet
  • Skrill Direct Bank Transfer
  • Neteller

Reaching Out for More Help

There are many things to look into when you sign up with the casino, but this means reaching out to the customer service team that can provide further help.

There is a live chat option that provides the user with more information about the casino and what they can make use of when they visit it. Not only that but when you are speaking with them, you can ask any questions you might have or issues you need to have them help resolve.

Those that want to also have their questions answered can reach out through phone or email. Both of these options provide quick results if the live chat option is unavailable during that time.

International (Toll-Free): 888 595 5835 Email:

You can also check out the blog and forums to find out more information about the casino.

Unfortunately, those that are looking for games that are sports betting, casino bookie, or even a live dealer are unable to get those in this casino. They currently are not offering any of those. However, in addition to the slots and table games, you can take advantage of the scratch-offs and keno that is offered inside the casino.

When it comes to feeling good about playing inside a casino, now is the time to check out what comes from signing up with the casino. Take the time to learn more, to sign up, and to get more. Feel good about what comes along with being a player inside this highly recommended online casino.