Newest Games

Don't you just hate it when casinos keep their games collection behind closed doors? Once you've joined, you can see the lot. But until then, some casinos sure do like to keep things quiet. We've glad to say that isn't the case with Apollo Slots Casino. Their games collection is out and proud on the home page. You won't even need to scroll that far to find out more about it.

The games collection is neatly divided into different areas, so you can go to the games you want to play as fast as possible. However, the first option you've got is one we are all interested to learn more about - new games. These may be games that have only just been released. Conversely, they could be games that have been around for a while but have only just been added to the relevant casino website. You get both these elements coming into play when you visit Apollo Slots.

The newest games should appear first, but if not just click on that option in the header. You will find some entertaining titles waiting to be played there. Bubble Bubble 2 is the hugely successful sequel to the Bubble Bubble slot, while Gemtopia Slots has won plenty of fans with its sparkling theme. Swindle all the Way Slots is great fun for the festive season, although we like to play it all year round! Dragon Orb is yet another option you might want to think about. Whichever games you want to play, you can count on seeing lots of new games added at Apollo Slots Casino.