Dogfather Slots

Canine mobsters, guns and money-that's what you can expect from Microgaming's Dogfather slots. Microgaming's enhanced their past release with a glittery logo, distinct symbols and great sounds. The quirky twist on the old Godfather movies finds the mob led by dogs. Play the 5-reel, 20 payline slot that features more than 30 different winning combinations.

The bonus slot game features a primary jackpot of 13,000 coins and a secondary jackpot of 1,300 coins. Bet anywhere from one cent to 50 cents.

Understanding the Dogfather Slot Symbols and Importance

Lowest tier symbols include the bottle of dog shampoo. Spin three or more bottles and your winnings range from one cent to 50 cents. Next is the golden dog dish that provides winnings of 5 cents to $1. Brass knuckles, a golden fire hydrant, a mobster chihuahua and two other dogs finish out the lower valued symbols with prizes ranging from 10 cents for three matches to $10 for matching all five.

The three most important canine mobsters include a pug whose value is worth 1 cent if you get him twice or $15 if he appears in all five reels. The poodle mistress is worth 5 cents if she appears twice or $25 when she appears all five times. The big boss dog is worth 10 cents for match or $50 if he fills a line.

Players watch for two specific symbols when playing Dogfather slots. The machine gun scatter is worth 1 cent to $1.50.

The wallet and cash wild provides you with free spins when you get at least two. Get five wilds and earn 20 free spins.

Fun Game Play and Great Sound Effects

Unlike most slot games where the reels spin, the symbols in Dogfather slot appear as coins that flip repeatedly until stopping face up. Land the machine gun symbols and you're treated to realistic gun effects. Honky tonk music plays in the background while the reels are in motion.

You have the option of adjusting the game speed. If you prefer fast reel action, turn the speed to the max setting. If you prefer things slower, choose the first, slowest setting. You can also adjust the sound levels.

Enjoy Taking on the Mob

Play Dogfather slots at 32Red Casino, All Slots Casino and All Slots Flash Casino. Game play is fast and furious and the cash you stand to win is certain to impress. Make the most of casino bonuses and you may find yourself not having to risk your own cash while you're getting used to the game play.