Double Panda Slots

The lush jungles of East Asia are a beautiful place, vibrant and teeming with life all around. Native to these verdant locales are a species of bear called the Pandas. In this elegantly designed slots offering, you are presented with a fun and relaxing 5 reel, 25 payline game that allows the gamer to immerse themselves in a sense of oriental culture the vibrant, green bamboo jungles of the Far East. Join and play Double Panda Slots now.

A Brilliantly Living Atmosphere

Graphics for the game shine here, passing off the thriving landscape of the Orient’s thick jungles well. The symbols range from Pandas (as the wild symbol), bamboo (their prime food source and the scatter symbol), and rival other native animal life. The real winning point in presentation here is the sound work though. Pleasant audio motifs accompany winning combinations and the Oriental orchestral opening fanfare sets a good mood at the outset. Animations are smooth and help add to the impression of playing a real slot machine and the game is gracefully worked sound wise.

Plenty of Ways to Win With Your Friend, the Panda

As has been stated before, this is a 5 reel, 25 payline virtual slot machine. Bets can range from a single penny to 20.00 with a big jackpot of 10,000. With that range of betting, it makes the different possibilities for winning combinations rather broad. The Panda wild symbol is a fun device for this slot offering. Spinning it anywhere onto the reels allows it to be substituted for any of the other symbols on the board, creating plenty of winning spins. In addition, each of these alternate combinations automatically doubles if you win off them. Nailing 5 of them across a single payline will nab you the big 10,000 jackpot. The Bamboo scatter symbols are another good one. Anytime you get scatter symbols, each of them you get, 3 or more, will reveal a number. Totaling the sum of the numbers reveals how many free spins you just won. Each of the free spins triples your winnings off each good combination along with the chance to win even more free spins.

Pandas, Bamboo, and Money…Oh My!

Playing this slot machine at Intercasino offers a fun bonus but it can be played at many of the Cryptologic-hosted online casinos making for lots of places to play and win. Combine a good relaxing atmosphere, alive with color and resplendent in vibrant sound, an animated cleanly with good graphics, this straightforward slots offering is sure to be a good, and profitable, way to game.