Gamble Aware

Gamble aware is a site dedicated to letting you know what gambling is, the risks associated with it and how to stay out of the addictive cycle of irresponsible gambling. It outlines some very basic topics including how it works and how to see past the many myths associated with it.

Gambling is entertainment

Any form of entertainment costs money it is just that this one can also win you money. And that is the thrill of the game. Winning is not a given, it is a bonus. When you choose to gamble, fit it into your entertainment budget.

Winning is fun but be careful

Gambling is about winning, there is no question about that. It is also about fun and of course the more you win the more fun you have. But there is no room to be a sore loser because regardless of the fun element in gambling there is also a major risk factor to consider. It is the risk, the taking a chance that you might just lose everything that makes you feel daring and full of life. It gives you an adrenaline rush that can become addictive and can cause you to act irresponsibly.

Responsibility with money

Each risk that we take in the course of daily life involves some level of calculation that the outcome falls in your favor. This is with the exception of gambling. There is no such thing as a calculated risk. All bets made are placed on the likelihood of your prediction. Even skill wagers are based on chance and luck since skilled games are generally played against other players and your win is determined by the likelihood of their bet.

Staying out of trouble

Here are a few tips to keep the fun in the game:

  • Never play for profit. The only profit that is guaranteed is for the casino.
  • Never play with money that you cannot afford to lose and do not jeopardize money that is meant to be spent on food or rent, etc.
  • Never borrow money to gamble whether it is borrowing money from friends or bookies. There is absolutely no guarantee of a win to pay back your debts.
  • Never try to win back money that has been lost. Once it has been played with consider it gone.
  • Knowing you have a problem
  • If your love of gambling is a point of contention with friends or family and there has been a breakdown in relationships because of it or a fall out after borrowing money to gamble, you have a problem.
  • If you are spending more than you can realistically afford to spend on gambling forcing yourself to go without, you have a problem.
  • If you regularly turn to gambling when you are feeling depressed or anxious, you have a problem.

Do something about it...NOW!

The sooner you realize that there may be a problem do not ignore it. Gambling is an expressive outlet for other issues that can easily be dealt with. Talk to a professional who can help you with the loss of finances or the triggers. Speak to someone who knows what to do. Gamble Aware lists many ways in which you can get the assistance you need.

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