Incan Goddess Slots

Incan Goddess Slot is one of the most beautiful, inspiring and enthralling slot games today. The Incan Goddess slot is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slots with an exciting bonus feature and progressive jackpot. This game has a historic yet amazing theme. It is based from the Incan civilization, and the slot game was crafted to perfection. Incan Goddess slot has a touch of simplicity, but underneath all that is a factor that would keep players interested. The graphic design is quite elaborate, while the sound effect is authentic. You’ll never be annoyed because Incan Goddess slot has always something new in store for you. Incan Goddess Slot is also powered by an excellent software provider RTG, so you should expect high-quality graphics, sounds and downloading Incan Goddess Slots will only take a few minutes. There’s also no need for any loading screens because graphics is running smoothly.

Incan Goddess Slots Symbols

Incan Goddess Slot symbols are also unique. The game has successfully presented the Incan civilization through the use of ancient Incan artifacts and archeological symbols. Although the game used symbols like regular playing cards, Incan images, water jug and necklaces, the game is quite simple to understand. Tutorials are also offered for beginners. Players, both low and high rollers, will get a chance to enjoy this game since players can bet a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $5.00 plus bet the maximum amount of $100 for a chance to bring home big prizes.

Know the Symbols of the Incan Goddess

If you’ve decided to experience the amazing Incan culture, then play Incan Goddess Slot. When playing Incan Goddess Slot, you need to watch out for the scatter and the wild symbol. These symbols represent big bonuses and a chance to take home the “gold”. The beautiful Incan Goddess is the wild symbol of the game. The Incan Goddess substitutes to all the icons in the reel expect the scatter symbol, which is the Incan Temple. Hitting three or more of the Incan Goddess icon means that your prize money will escalate up to 20 times its original amount. On the other hand, if you hit the Incan Temple three or more times, you can avail of free 12 spins. If you hit another wild symbol during the free spin, then your prize money is quadrupled.

If a five of a kind symbol appears, the player is entitled to a bonus game. In the bonus game, the player must choose a color, red or black. If the player chooses the wrong color, the player will receive the original payout. However, if he hits the correct color, his winnings are doubled.

Visit the Temple of the Incan Goddess at the Right Place

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