JCB Cards

A JCB card which stands for Japanese Credit Bureau may have originated in Japan but they have now taken the US by storm especially as a payment option for online casinos.

The Free JCB Card

The JCB card has the same properties as many other credit cards but it has one major advantage over them, in that it is free. The JCB is now issued in 17 countries and accepted in 167 countries worldwide. Apart from the numerous different consumer outlets that accept the JCB which include restaurants, shops and even tourist attractions, the JCB card is also a perfect way for US players to fund their favorite online casino accounts. With quality and service as their main motto's The JCB is the natural choice for many online casino players in the US.

Sensible and Secure Credit Limits

Since the US JCB card has restricted membership to US citizens only, it offers a sensible and secure way for US players to fund their casino accounts. Transferring of funds to casinos from the JCB card is instant and with credit limits that range from $500 to $12000 depending on your own personal credit rating, you can really enter into some high stakes and good gaming when placing bets with the JCB card.

Casino Bonuses when Using JCB Cards

There are nine states in the US at the moment that offer and support the use of the JCB card where you can also access some of the best online casinos today. Whether you choose the one of the following casinos, you will not be sorry. Look out for the special bonus offers that each JCB supporting casino offers together with JCB to encourage and support you to play at that casino.

Download the best JCB Card casino

To enjoy the JCB Card service, please feel free to download any of the chosen JCB Card casinos below:

Constant Card and Customer Support

With a 25 day limit to pay your bills from JCB and the option to withdraw your winnings through ATM’s, there is no reason not to choose JCB when looking for online payment methods. Often it is difficult enough to choose which casino to play at so the choice of payment method is made easier by all of the advantages of the JCB card. The JCB card is a payment option that is built to suit lifestyles and of course serve the customer. You can contact the customer support in your local state by phone or email at any time if you have a query. The JCB website offers a detailed question and answer section which can answer most of your queries. Playing at online casinos and paying with JCB cards is not only the logical and safe choice but the sensible one too.