Jewel Quest Slots

Cryptologic never ceases to amaze with the way in which their slots interact, excite and entertain. They have really gone the extra mile with this Indiana Jones interlaced with a tomb raider effect by converting Jewel Quest into a slots game! This slot is like nothing you have ever seen before, this is not just another slot with a different colored skin, and it really is different! Winning the game with Cryptologic can mean winning as much as $100 000. Join and play at Jewel Quest Slots now!

A different spin

Not a traditional slot by any stretch of the imagination this game opens up in an underground tomb lined with rows upon rows of treasures laid out on an ancients scroll of parchment. There are no reels and no paylines, instead a partially full grid of icons. The rules of the game are more along the lines of the video game by the same name. Click the big green emerald start button on the right to place your bets and get the game in motion.

As you do all the jewels, different shapes and colors and sizes shift into new spaces. With this new alignment three of a kind in a row anywhere on the grid lying either horizontally or vertically disintegrates only to be highlighted and replaced by brand new jewels to make up even more sets of matching icons right up to 11 of the same kind in a row, until there are no more possible combinations. Each set is paid for and added to your balance. The aim of the game is to finish each level with a grid full of highlighted squares to move onto the next level.

Each time you complete a level that gets more and more difficult you get a bonus which gets more and more rewarding! This bonus is also a multiplication of your bet from as much as 10 times up to 20 times your bet.

Instead of betting per line the player bets per game and this bet can be from $1 right up to $500. The wins are not coin based either and are instead multiplications of the bet. Therefore a win of 200 and a bet of $10 will pay $2000.

Before you start set your bet, and remember that you cannot change your bet unless you want to start the level again. Enclosing all accumulated all of the wins. This is not to mean that your first few spins should be on the top end of the spectrum either! Start off by risking your dollar and watch the profits working your way slowly up as you get into the spin of things.

All that glitters is not just gold

Payouts for a minimum of three of a kind are based on the value of each of the jewels. The most valuable of all is the gold jewel and pays 200 times your bet for 3 and 2,000 times your bet for 11 in a row and the green jewel is the next highest paying symbol. Other symbols include artifacts discovered in long forgotten trenches such as small statues, jeweled skulls, masks, gold and diamonds.

Practice makes perfect how can you lose?

This entire slot is one big massive bonus game so for bonus hunters this game can keep you going right into the night. Take a break but keep at it by slipping into autoplay mode, mastering level after level ad walking off with large amounts of cash and other bounty. This slot is not just for all Jewel Quest junkies it is for just about everyone that enjoys a great game. This is one for the slots with a skill elements locked into the element of chance, give it a go!