Luxury Liners Slots

When people think of luxury liners, they also think of the finer things in life such as summer vacations, entertainment cruises and trips to the Caribbean. When you download and play Luxury Liners Slots, you allow yourself the opportunity to have the things you are seeking in life without using your own hard-earned cash to do it. Of course, you can also play the free version of the game just for fun.

Features of Luxury Liners Slots

Luxury Liners Slots is a traditional Vegas technology slot game meaning it has three reels and a single pay line instead of the more common five-reel multiple pay line games that you tend to see both online and in live casinos. One thing to remember is that just because there is only a single pay line in the game doesn’t mean there is less excitement and you reduce your chances of winning big. This luxury-themed slots game offers just as much excitement and chance of winning than the more common five-reel varieties. The backdrop that colors the Luxury Liners slots game is not quite as lavish as the decorations in some casino games, but it still provides a nice, attractive look to the game. The detailed background will give you the feeling that you are on the deck of a real live luxury liner, and when you add that to the clean lines and plain designs of the game’s icons you will see some excellent visual contrast.

Playing the Game

The symbols that you will find in the game include the Cherry, the Single Bar, the Double bar and the Triple Bar just like those you find on some of the earliest and oldest slot machines, thus giving the game an additional sense of the traditional. The Luxury Liner slots game uses a multiplier on the payout scale that allows players to win more if they bet more coins. For instance, if you get any combination of three bars, your bet will be multiplied using a factor of five. Three Cherries or three Single Bars will increase the bet to a factor of ten. Some of the other combinations have larger payouts while the Double Bar and Triple Bar multiply your bet factor by twenty and thirty respectively. The Cherries give you a little something even if you don’t have three of them on the pay line. If you have a combination of Sevens or Luxury Liners your wager will be multiplied by 40 while having all sevens will give it a multiplier of 80. The Luxury Liners are the big bonuses, however: one coin gives you 500 in return, but if you wager three coins the payout is 2500 coins.