Zynga launches Elite Slots; Could Be Real Money Lifeline

Zynga, the American social media and gaming company that brings the world Farmville and Draw Something, has announced its plans to release “Elite Slots.” If you have no idea what an elite slot is then you are in for a surprise indeed. An elite slot is a social media story that’s laced with online slot games. Zygna says to expect that elite slots will highlight role playing and mini game features as player’s progress through the game’s various levels, treasures, and adventures.

Element of Fantasy

Now, elite slots will be predominantly animal based, this only means that players can choose from 26 different animal avatars and the purpose is to deliver an element of fantasy in with the luck-based play. Elite slots will also have over 50 minutes of original music, six different themes with voice overs, and a progress bar that will show how far each player is in the game.

Free Play Option

Elite Slots is the fifth casino-style game by Zynga. There will be no charge to play for those who want to play for free but Zygna feels confident that players will want to play for real money so they can have upgraded powers and extra pulls on the slot game. Rumor has it that the new slot game is Zygna’s attempt to enter regulated real-money gaming markets.

Facebook Intro

Elite Slots will go live on Facebook at first and they are buzzing about the release which promises to be the greatest slots experience ever! The timeframe for release is not known yet, but the estimated launch dates are in the early part of 2013. The blog for the game assures sneak peeks before it does go live.