Million Dollar Rally Slots

It’s all about speed here in Million Dollar Rally Slots. Million Dollar Rally Slots is a 5-reel Slot machine with 5 pay lines available powered by WGT former Vegas Technology. I know what you’re thinking. The fact that this speed devil here only has 5 pay lines available, it has a good 29 winning combinations also to make up for it. Plus, the payouts are also as big as it gets. The best strategy to use here is to make use of all of the pay lines available; meaning, you have to bet more for those pay lines not to go to waste. The overall appearance of the game is quite nice actually. There’s even a stop button if you want to manually sop the reels from spinning. This is good for those who have quick hands. The symbols are well done, and the sound effects are great. You’ll actually feel that you’re on a racetrack watching speed demons pass by. This is also excellent for beginner slot players, since there are no wild and scatter symbols on the reels. You’ll just have to look at the basic winning combinations in the game and have fun. The game play is pretty simple, too. To put it simply, this is one brilliant slot machine, perfect for those NASCAR fans out there.

Symbols from the Racetrack

The symbols used in the game are race cars of different colors. There’s also a flag, a trophy, a couple of cherries, and some dollar bills. The symbols are very well made, and it’ll help keep the game play fast since it won’t slow you down because you’re not confused on the symbols.

Million Dollar Rally Slots Bonuses

Million Dollar Rally Slots also has a great bonus to offer its players. This is actually better if you bet higher value coins. You can win the jackpot which is as big as $100,000! Sadly, there are no other bonuses available for this game, but the prize on the jackpot itself is a really huge one.

Where to Race?

If you’re a beginner at slots, this is a good machine for you to start on. The betting range is decent and the game play is kept simple. What you have to do is to race to Liberty Slots Casino, which offers $100 welcome bonus on first deposit! (There were also Online vegas casino, which offered this game but in may 2011 has been casino is closed. Read our Online Vegas Casino review for more information about it).