Mah Jong Madness Slots

Mah Jong Madness Slots
Yes, you heard it right. The popularity of Mah Jong has even reached the slots world, thanks to Mah Jong Madness Slots. Mah Jong has been popular over the twentieth century and has even invaded the United States. Most people treat it as a sport, while some even treat it as a means to chat and make friends with other players. Now, Mah Jong’s popularity reached the slot machines in online casinos.

Mah Jong Madness is a 5-reel slot machine that has a total of 21 pay lines. Not bad for a fairly new slot machine. With 21 pay lines available in the game, it makes players get more chances of winning something out of their spins. The game is pretty simple. You can bet a maximum amount of 21 coins per spin, and the value of the coins can be anything from a penny up to $5. This is a good betting range if you ask me. The game also has 24 winning combinations which puts things at the players’ advantages.

This cool piece of software is offered at New Wager Gaming Technology Liberty Slots casino and recently closed powered by Vegas technology Online Vegas Casino, so you won’t be disappointed. The overall appearance of the game is great. The graphics is pretty good, and the sound matches the theme and the appearance that you’ll think it’s awesome. The chances of a player winning in the slot can also be dependent on the player himself. The machine features a ‘stop’ button for those who want to manually stop the reels from spinning. This is an advantage to those who have quick eyes and hands.

Symbols Instead of Tiles

The game has a number of symbols in its 5 reels, each unique from one another. The ones to note are the four bamboos, an orchid, a spring, a dragon and five circles. The illustration and animation of the reels are also elegantly done in terms of its fashion.

Extra Winnings

The game also has a good bonus system added. This prevents things from getting too dull. Now this is the best part of this machine. You can win up to 25000 coins in your spin! Now that’s a lot of zeros right there. This will definitely encourage players to keep on playing for hours and hours.

The Best Place to Play

You can play Mah Jong Madness Slots just in front of your PC. All you have to do is visit Online Vegas Casino, download Mah Jong Madness Slots software and play the game or play Mah Jong Madness Slots Flash version. You’ll be at the comforts of your own home on this one.

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