Monte Magic Slots

Monte Magic Slots is a three reel single pay line slot game that is based on a magic show. You will find various symbols that are related to the magician and his tricks. This game can be considered as a traditional slot machine, but the prizes here are purely magical and will definitely keep you coming back for more. You only need to know the structure of the pay line in this game, the symbols and the winning combinations and let the spin show where the magic lies. Betting in this game starts with a minimum of ten cents going to thirty dollars which is the maximum amount that you can bet. Your betting should be limited to your bankroll, so you can devise your betting strategy. One of the tricks that you can pull here is to bet three coins to give you that extra edge to win prizes.

Tools of the Magician's Trade

Every magician has his own equipment to pull that perfect magic trick. The same goes with Monte Magic Slots. You need to identify the tools of the trade to know what the different winning combinations are. Of course, all magicians need their magic sticks or wands, their hats, the bunny and some stars to complete the trick. These symbols can be seen in the game with the Hat acting as the Wild Symbol. The Wild Symbol can take the place of the other symbols, thus, increasing your chances of winning. The Hat symbol can also multiply your winning to double or quadruple depending on how many hat symbols appear.

Another Trick Up Its Sleeve

Part of any act of a magician is a surprise which is just like in Monte Magic Slots. The bonus round can be triggered when you have betted three coins and a Rabbit appears on the line. In this bonus round, you get to see twelve cards, each with a corresponding prize. All you need to do is choose a card once the card finishes shuffling, and whatever prize you have uncovered will be added to your game.

Where Magic Begins

A magician usually chooses a place to show his magic tricks. When it comes to Monte Magic Slots, there are only a few online casinos that are offering this type of game. One of them is Liberty slots casino. Head on to LibertySlots casino to give to $100 welcome bonus on your first deposit, and free entry to slots tournaments.