Past Top Performing Slots Games

After careful analysis, the most accurate results for the top slots games of last year were announced. The survey featured the major casino operators and at least 73 casinos of the actual 245 worldwide casinos were interviewed. It was discovered that the top 3 slots games were "Wheel of Fortune,""Michael Jackson"and "Megabucks."

IGT Gaming

With these results it showed that IGT owned two thirds or 66 percent of the slots games played last year. Even with its current popularity, IGT brand increased in popularity after the results of this study was released. The survey was conducted by Eilers and Fantini, and they concluded that IGT was ahead of other manufacturers of slots machines by up to 34 percent. The manufacturer of the Michael Jackson slots game is called Bally, they had up to 16 percent of the popularity vote. Another manufacturer that did not make the top three, WMS scored 9 percent in the survey results for the top online slots.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Game

There is a special edition available for IGT's Wheel of Fortune game. It consists of 5 reels and 15 paylines available to players. There is also a Money Spin bonus game available that is triggered when players receive three of the same bonus symbols on the reels.