Kung Fu Rooster

RTG continues to raise the bar to new heights in relation to online slot machine gaming.

The company is coming off two back to back smash hits. They successfully launched Purrfect Pets in May to the delight of pet loving gamblers around the world. RTG is poised to follow that one up with a grand slam. Cash Bandits 2 has been getting great feedback. Online gamblers who loved Cash Bandits will probably be in for boat loads of fun as June quickly approaches. RTG has made a lot of great Asian themed slot machine games in the past. They are returning to Asia!

The slot machine game RTG is rumored to be working on is called Kung Fu Rooster. RTG has done a dynamic job with creating games based in this theme before. Some of these games include: Dragon Princess, Fucanlong, God of Wealth, Golden Lotus, Lucky 8, and Zhansi.

Kung Fu Rooster will apparently be a video slot that RTG is working on. The title includes the word rooster. It is logical that we can assume that the game will probably involve an animal or rooster theme. It's safe to say that this game will probably appeal to fans of their other Asian slots, animal lovers, and gamblers in general.

The reel symbols in the game will probably be based in the Asian theme.

RTG does a solid job

RTG is known for creating games that have a variety of ways to win. Several of their games have minor or major jackpots. Other games include progressive jackpots. Some online slot machine games have ways to unlock free spins. The innovative aspect about free spins is that online casino gamblers do not have to wager more money to try to add to their winnings.