Top Halloween Slots

Whether Halloween is close or not there is always reason to play Halloween slots. But what Halloween are the best?

If you need an advice here we are for you. We've checked lots of Halloween slot machines and according to our opinion the best Halloween slots are:

All slots are US friendly and will be more then happy to provide VIP service to American players.

The Origin of Halloween

Halloween was originally termed "All Hallows Eve," and was a religious holiday among Europeans in the North. However, it was later changed to All Saints Day. Apart from its religious significance, All Hallows Eve was also celebrated by utilizing carved vegetables and placing them in windows to ward off unfriendly spirits.

The use of rutabagas and turnips were used in ancient times, but today Halloween is celebrated by placing carved pumpkins in windows, on porches, and along paved driveways.

Halloween celebrations today encompass Halloween games, Halloween decorations, Halloween horror nights, and a variety of Halloween costume ideas that have become more imaginative every year. In fact, most Halloween horror nights are devoted to watching movies such as Halloween 2 and other classic movies that are perfect for the occasion.

As children and adults are deciding what 2009 Halloween costumes they will wear, there are thousands of online sites offering Halloween costume ideas. But, there are online casinos that are offering slot games with a Halloween theme.

After all the trick or treating is over, you can sit down at your computer and extend the Halloween celebration by playing exciting Halloween slots at our favorite casinos.

Online Casinos Pay Tribute to Halloween

For those US players who want to celebrate Halloween in a different way, there are online casinos offering spooky, scary, and beautifully enhanced graphic symbols commemorating the occasion. By the way, all of these slots require you to wear a 2009 Halloween costume!

Trick or Treat Slots - The Halloween slots we have featured fit the occasion in more ways than one. At Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots Casino, you can play a classic 3-reel 1 payline slot called "Trick or Treat Slots." Filled with witches, pumpkins, cats, candy, and other bonus features, the wild multipliers featured in this game will have you howling at the moon in no time!

Monster Money Slots - Perhaps you have just viewed a monster movie on TV. If so, why not head over to LibertySlots casino, MiamiClub Casino. With a Frankenstein enhanced horror theme, its symbols will delight you as you try to win the 5000 coin jackpot. This bonus video game puts you in the Professor's shoes as you try to get as many wilds and scatters as possible. Then you can use the electrical rod to activate the bonus round.

Scary Rich 2 Slots - Or, you can go to Superior Casino and play their ever popular Scary Rich 2 Slots! This bonus video slot game has, by far, the best symbols celebrating Halloween. With werewolves, coffins, skeletons, zombies, walking dead, witches, and vampires - this is sure to be the most exciting and fun-filled Halloween slot game around. With a jackpot of 10000 coins, together with wild multipliers, scatters, and bonus rounds - you can top off the evening with a heck of a win.