Are Old Slot Games Still Worth Playing?

There are old slot games and then there are new slot games. We all love reading the latest news and reports about new releases, of course. So, does that mean we should forget about the older slot games that are still available online?

We don't think so, and here's why.

Older games can still be very entertaining

If you've discounted playing older slots because they're, well… old, you may well be missing out on some great games. While the graphics and other visual elements may not be as good or as sharp as you'll see in modern games, they won't stand in the way of some great gameplay.

You've still got lots of three- and five-reel games to choose from. You also get bonuses and free spins - just not quite as polished as the type of bonuses you might see today.

There are lots of classics included in the mix

The game that always comes to mind when we think of older titles is Count Spectacular. It's certainly not modern, but it still packs in some entertaining elements. Try it and see what you think - you might just agree with us.

This is just one example of an older game that is still fun to try though. There are lots of others. Delve into the back catalogs of your favorite software developers to see what you can find there. There is nothing wrong with trying older games. Just look at Mega Moolah Slots - that's hardly the most impressive in terms of graphics, yet it offers superb progressive jackpots that keep people playing and enjoying it.

You can see how far a software developer has come

This may not be top of your list when looking for slot games to play. However, if you have a favorite developer, you might find it interesting to try playing some of their earliest games. There is often a sharp contrast between those games and the ones they are developing now. They also provide a change from the newer titles. If you want to go back to basics, chances are you can do just that by trying a few older titles.

So, do you agree with our assessment of older slot games? The new releases will always be entertaining, but there is still ample room to play some of the classics. Which ones will you try next when you get a moment?