Video Poker Slots

Video poker slots involve challenging game play and substantial cash rewards. While slot games involve luck, you'll need some skill to win at video poker. The basic set-up resembles a slot machine, but game play requires a little knowledge into the basics of poker.

With video poker slots, you have a slot machine face. Place your wager and hit the button that says deal. This deals up your cards. In poker, you keep cards of value by holding and have one more round of cards to help improve your hand. Push the hold button to keep your valuable cards and push deal again when you're ready for the replacement cards.

Keys to a Winning Poker Hand

It's important to understand card rankings. In all games of poker, 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A is the ranking from lowest to highest. It's hard to win with low cards unless you have matching sets. For instance, a hand with four 2's is going to be hard to beat because it is a four of a kind.

In addition, you have rankings based on the value of the five cards in your hand. From least valuable to most valuable, those rankings are below.

High cards involve having the highest card out of all the player's cards. Because a high card is only of value when you're playing against others, you won't see it much in video poker slots.

Pairs involve getting two cards with the same rank.

Three of a kinds involve three cards of the same rank.

Straights occur when all five cards in your hand are in numerical order.

A flush occurs when all of the cards in your hand are the same suit--clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades.

When you get a pair and a three of a kind in the same hand (A-A-2-2-2) that's called a full house.

Four of a kind involves getting four of the same number.

A straight flush combines a straight with the same suit. If you had 6-7-8-9-10 in your hand all all the cards were clubs, that's a straight flush.

Should you be one of the rare players to land a Royal Flush, you're guaranteed big winnings. A Royal Flush is similar to a straight flush, but you have the highest cards (10-J-Q-K-A).

Winning at Video Poker Slots

With video poker slots, you are not out to beat fellow players. Instead, you must get the best possible hand to win. All video poker slot machines have a set pay table. You'll only win if your hand is listed on that pay table.

For example, with Jacks or Better video poker slot games you must have jacks or higher to win. A pair of 10s will not get you anywhere with this game, even though in a normal poker game a pair of 10s can be a winning hand. In Deuces Wild, getting 2's is key because they serve as wild cards. If you have one king and two deuces in your hand, you'll win with a three of a kind because those wild cards turn into kings.

Great Casinos for Playing Video Poker Slots

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