Rags To Riches Slots

Cryptologic Slots recently revamped Rags to Riches. Rags to Riches is a 20 line progressive slot game with a minimum $100,000 jackpot. Rags to Riches slot game offers symbols that tell a story. The characters starts as a bum holding out a paper cup for money and is soon a very, very wealthy man surrounded by women and riches galore. If you like slotsforcash games, this one is worth playing!

Feeling down on your luck? Let Rags to Riches turn you from a pauper into a prince! Bets range from 5 cents to $1 and you can bet on 1 or all 20 lines. To win the jackpot prize, you must bet $1 on all 20 lines. While the jackpot resets after a win to $100,000, the prize has climbed higher than $410,000 in the past. The average prize is around $169,000, so there's plenty of money waiting a lucky winner!

Symbols in Rags To Riches 20 Line Progressive Slot Slots Game

Key symbols in Rags to Riches progressive slots include the Rags to Riches. For the larger winnings, the For Sale symbol, homeless man and cardboard box deliver prizes of 10,000 to 25,000 coins if you get five of them.

Lower tier prizes are available with other symbols. For example, the cigar box and wine decanter are worth 5 to 100. Stacks of gold bars reward you with 10 to 250 coins. Hot soup and worn out sneakers are worth 15 to 1,000. The rich man and the skateboard symbol bring prizes of 5 to 2,500 coins.

The Rags to Riches scatter symbols is one to land! Two scatter symbols returns your last bet to your bank account. Three of the Rags to Riches slot scatter symbol bring you to an exciting four-part bonus round. Winning each round increases your winnings.

Rags to Riches Bonus Game

In addition to being a progressive jackpot slot game, Rags to Riches also features an interactive bonus game. During this game, you're in control of a homeless man and his shopping cart. As he walks through the park, predict if the number revealed on the screen is higher or lower than the preceding number. Every correct guess increases your prize.

If you complete the first level of the bonus game, the screen changes. You're now in a sports car and you must complete the same tasks. Do this correctly and you'll complete the same lower-higher game on a cruise ship on your way to an island. Lucky players who make it through all three levels receive a map. Pick the right square and win a huge cash prize. It's not an easy game to win, but definitely rewarding if you guess correctly.

Play Rags to Riches 20 Line Progressive Slots Today

Casinos featuring Cryptologic slots will have the new version of Rags to Riches progressive jackpot slots. The multi-level bonus game helps Rags to Riches stand out and make it a crowd pleaser!

With huge prizes awaiting, play Rags to Riches today! Take advantage of promotional offers at leading Cryptologic casinos. Often, you can double your bankroll simply for downloading their free casino software.