Reign of Gnomes Slots

I'm sure that some or all of you know what a garden gnome is. It is a plastic statue of a small bearded person like a dwarf. The myths and tales of gnomes often portray them as mythical creatures that live in the ground guarding treasures. The ground connection is probably the link to the garden. A gnome in this setting is protecting the flowers and plants just like how a mythical gnome protected it's valuables.

Gnomes have had a few depictions over the years in popular culture. A good amount of you probably grew up reading the book series or watching it's TV adaptation Goosebumps. On one episode, the gnomes come alive at night and wreak destruction with their evil, ceramic tools. The French film Amélie included a gnome subplot. A recent animated film by the name of Gnomeo and Juliet recently came out. It follows the same plot as the classic Shakespeare tale which chronicled two lovers from warring families. The web company Travelocity is famous for their traveling gnome. The rock band Pink Floyd made a song about gnomes.

There is a slot machine based on this topic. It is entitled Reign of Gnomes.

Ways To Win

One thing to consider right out of the gate is that this is an all-ways-pay 3D slot. The game has five reels. It has a staggering 243 ways to win. You can achieve winning when three or more reel symbols match up on the pay line. One symbol to keep an eye out for is the dragon's egg. Let's say you are playing this slot machine and three dragon eggs pop up. This launches the free spins round. The remarkable thing about this is that one does not have to wager additional money from your bankroll to potentially win more. This game has wagering flexibility. You can bet from forty cents all the way up to eighty dollars a spin.

Reign of Gnomes is one of the more original games out there in terms of theme. There are not a lot of slot machines about gnomes. You should seek it out just like the characters in certain stories try to encounter the gnomes and their treasure. Achieving this is pretty simple. All one needs to do is to go to your online casino. Spin the Reign of Gnomes slot. The different ways to win, graphics, sounds, and other features also stand out.