Halloween Slots

The new Halloween slots are upon us and with Halloween being one of the most favorite holidays out there, you're not going to want to miss out on this classic movie themed slot. With Michael and all of your favorite characters, you can run for your life as the man that they assumed to be dead is actually back at it once again in the neighborhood.

With so many prizes to give out, you want to make sure you know a little more about the game before you pull the lever and see what surprises await you - you never know if they'll be bad or good!

Symbols to Be Aware of

Wandering reels and jumbo blocks are one of the most fascinating parts of the game that you'll find located in Halloween.

Trick or treats and characters welcome you to come play them each and every time you spin the reels. You can make the most of everything that is being played when you check out the bonus rounds and multipliers that welcome each of the players.

It is a scary good time that everyone is going to have a blast with!

Bonus Rounds

50 lines, a scatter symbol, bonus rounds and more all welcome each of the players to them. With a lot to give, you can make the most of the extras that pop up.

The boogeyman jumps out when you hit the trick or treat bonus. This can be done, but watch out since the reels will move on their own and head in different directions. You're never going to know what is going to pop up next, even if you thought it was going to be something else.

With free games and a wild symbol, you can race against time and try to find help before Michael sneaks up behind you and finds you. Never have to worry about not winning either, since you can be sure to maximize your earnings when you cash in on the scary benefits.

Have a Scary Good Time!

When it comes to this Halloween themed slot machine, you can have a scary good time with all that they have to offer. Never have to worry about not being able to play a game without a little more fun than usual. With all that is being offered, you will not find a better, spookier game than this one this Halloween!

Are you ready to spin the reel and find out more?