Ancient Gods Slots

Ancient Gods Slots is a breathtaking rendition of Chinese mythology that doubles as a fun way to spend you time while raking in the dough. Featuring top not production values, beautiful artwork, a wonderful theme, and classic gameplay mechanics, Ancient Gods Slots delivers on almost all levels. Players of all types and backgrounds will love this game, which has a lot to offer newcomers as well as vets. You will not be disappointed with this game. From the time we spent with it, we only game to appreciate it more as we went, and seemed to win an above average amount for our trouble.


Chinese / Vaguely Asian mythology is the source of the concepts pumping at the heart of Ancient Gods Slots. Featuring Dragons, Tigers, and power birds too pretty to exist in reality, they all combine with gems and authentically rendered patterns to make for a seemingly respectful take on the genre. There are many games about mythology, and even several ones that drew on different Asian cultures, but none that seemed to go as far and hit as hard as this wonderful game here.


For the most part, the graphics in Ancient Gods Slots are pretty enough to hang up on your wall. Everything is rendered in a painterly style, each painstaking stroke evident in everything that flashes on your screen. Not to be boring, the developers have even taken the liberty to add a bit of pep and personality to the cast, not relegating themselves to the cold and calm demeanor usually associated with imagery of this type.

Everything is crisp, clear, colorful, and compelling to look at. Even the background of the game looks like a wonderfully painted landscape befitting of the characters. Our only gripe is that the UI outside of that is not rendered in the same style. Still, your main focus is what is going on with the reels, so this is easy to get over and forgive once it blends into the background.


In line with its main theme, Ancient Gods Slots sticks with the classic mechanics of slots of yore, not veering too far from any formula you have seen before. At 5 reels, it plays like many other slots, though it does seem to have an above average number of scatters and free games on offer, as well as manages to make the typical bonus rounds and multipliers feel more dramatic due to the careful rendering everything was conducted with.

Standard betting mechanics apply here as they would elsewhere, and along with that, you can expect to win big the longer you play. If you are a fan of the game, you will likely like Banana Jones and Pada’s Gold as well, which work in similar ways.


  • Beautiful theme
  • Wonderful artwork
  • Breathtaking background
  • Great sense of style and majesty
  • Accessible gameplay


  • Fairly standard for what it is
  • The UI is not quite up to the same standards as the artwork


Ancient Gods Slots is probably the best game in the Asian culture slot genre we have ever played. It is so pretty that you will wish they sold posters for it, and some of the graphics are nice enough that they would make fittingly epic tattoos. There is only one thing to fault in this game, and that is the lack of gameplay innovation. That said, most people do not play slot machine games hoping they will get a taste of pinball or cards, so this is not necessarily a downside for the grand majority of players that will have at what is on offer here. We recommend this game without hesitation to players of all backgrounds and skill levels. You will not regret a second spent looking at its gorgeous artwork. Alongside Banana Jones and Pada’s Gold, it is one of the best new slots we have played in a while.