Online Casino Slots

Did you know there are several different kinds of slot machines? Let us walk you through all the options so you can decide which ones you want to try!

Fruit machines are great fun

The classic slot is the fruit machine. These are great fun online because they are easy to access and play in the comfort of your own home. You'll spot various kinds of fruit on the reels. You have to match them up to win prizes. These often feature cherry slots among others.

Introducing pokies - Australian slot machines!

Aussies call their slot machines pokies. They are slightly different to other slot machines but they've got some great additional features which make them very tempting to play. Watch out for free spins and bonuses!

A different spin with Japanese slots

You probably don't think of Japan when you think of playing slots. But they are becoming more common in the country now. They are called pachisuro. They work slightly differently to slots in other countries as they allow the player to hit a button to make the reels stop.

3 reel slot machines

If you want a traditional slots game try a three reel game! Normally they will have a single payline across the middle but sometimes you can find up to five paylines depending on the individual game.

5 reel slot machines with a video experience

If you want something more advanced try the video slots with five reels that you can find at sites such as the Crazy Slots Casino and the Crazy Cherry Casino. These games tend to have lots of bonus features and other ways to keep you interested. They will also have lots of paylines you could potentially win on!

Progressive slots for a bigger payout

If you want to play million dollar slots you should watch out for progressive slots. These give you the chance to contribute small amounts to an overall jackpot that just keeps climbing. Someone has to trigger the exact combination for the jackpot to pay out - and it could be you!


You don't have to head for a casino to play slots. There are hundreds of them online and you can even get apps for your smart phone!

Online slots are superb because they come in lots of different varieties and they are also quick and easy to start playing. You don't need to go out to play them and you can relax in front of your computer to play all kinds of different ones. What could be better?

3D Slots

The best collection of new downloadable 3d casino slots you can find at BetOnline Casino and ThisIs Vegas Casino.

What are the best online slots casinos?

There are lots of different casinos you can play online slots at. Check out the best ones today and you'll love every minute of it!