Striker Fortune Slots

CryptoLogic is famous for creating unique and very non-traditional types of slots. They have certainly accomplished this again with the new game, Striker Fortune Slots. A combination of a standard online casino slot and a video game, this is sure to become a favorite of your online action. The game is very vibrant in its design, highly animated and it has an excellent bonus game that takes you back to soccer training camp all over again. Download and Play Striker Fortune Slots

A Different Type of Game

Unlike the classic or traditional types of slots that have only a set payline and reels, the Striker Fortune Slots have a huge number of payouts possible based on combinations rather than paylines. Playing your bets on the maximum number of possible combinations is the best way to increase your winnings. In total there are 99 different possible winning combinations, all based on the unique soccer theme. It is important to keep score as the teams battle down the field but also watch for a variety of special symbols to pop up throughout the playing field.

Teams and Symbols

Just like in a real soccer game there are two opposing teams on the field. The background of the game is a soccer stadium, complete with cheering fans, cartoon type characters in different colored uniforms that attempt to pass the ball through the opposing players down the field. The opposite team to the one you choose will be going the opposite way.

Special Symbols

The special symbol in the game is the gold Trophy. The Trophy cannot take the place of a player on the field, but you cannot use the trophy symbol as a player on your team to score the point and win the wager. Three trophies on the field when the spin occurs results in the triggering of the bonus feature, the Training Grounds.

Training Grounds Bonus

In this video bonus game you will have unopposed chances to score goals in the net on the field. Each goal will count towards coins that will be added to your winnings in the main game as soon as the bonus game is completed. The better you get at scoring those goals the better your prize will be.

Get Playing

As a completely new type of video slot game Striker Fortune Slots is one of a kind. It is easy to download and a lot of fun to play and requires just a bit of getting used to if you are a traditional slot player.