Big Bang Slots

Big Bang Slots is a superb new traditional three-reel slot game from Top Game Technology. Big Bang is a flashy, splashy game that looks spectacular and plays equally well. Setting the trend for twenty-first century casino play, Big Bang is one that really shines on your HD monitor and takes advantage of top tech. Start to play Big Bang Slotsnow!

The Layout

Like classics such as Admiral slots, Big Bang is a very traditional three-reeled style of game. It is set up to be totally intuitive for new players and for players of traditional style slot games. There is nothing new here – why mess with a great system? The paytable is top and center. There is a flashy, gold Big Bang logo to the left of the reels and the reels themselves are center screen. Across the bottom are the controls and payout information for the most recent spin.

What is different is that on the right side of the screen is a text box where players can immediately access live tech support from the casino. The way this game works and its simplicity of operation means that players will not have much reason to call on casino tech support, but if there is any question that they have pertaining to either this game or anything else related to casino operations, the means of asking the question is immediately available to them.

The Look

The look of Big Bang Slots is all class, gold and wealth. The whole game is very rich looking in tones of brown, red and gold. The symbols are simple, familiar and supremely elegant – cherries, bars, sevens and gold coins. Though classic, the symbols are rendered in a rich color palette, contributing to the rich look and feel of the game.

Game Play

Big Bang works the way traditional, simple three-reelers are supposed to work. There are three reels and three paylines. Coin values may be set by the player to values ranging from 5¢ at the low end, up to $5 at the high. Each payline will accept a single coin bet, so the minimum bet if playing all lines is 15¢, and the maximum is $15.

The gold coin acts as a wildcard in winning combinations, or, if three gold coins show up on a single line, the jackpot is paid.

There are no bonus rounds or free spins on this one – just traditional, straightforward three-line slot game play.

Big Bang Winnings

Given the range of risk, 15¢ to $15, this is by no means a high-roller game, but it is aimed, rather, at the casual player out for an evening of slot play fun. That said, the winnings are quite large, given the low limits of the game. The big jackpot comes to 6000 coins, or, if playing at the $5 coin value level, a whopping $30,000! There is also a secondary jackpot that is worth 3000 coins.

Play Big Bang Slots Now!

Over all, this is an awesome little traditional styled slot game. The look and feel of it are absolutely perfect, and the simple machine ringing sound effects serve perfectly to pull players into the real-live casino environment. Take Big Bang Slots for a spin for some real money tonight!