Wolverine Slots

If you are familiar with any of the Marvel comic book heroes then you will surely know the impressive character of Wolverine with his super animal senses and special physical powers that include flying blades from his hands and the ability to self heal. Well now you can relive the adventures of this impressive character in the Cryptologic slots game Wolverine which has 5 spinning reels and offers 25 different paylines with some very impressive symbols that all relate the Wolverine himself.

The All Powerful Wolverine Fills Your Screen with 25 Paylines

Across the screen of Wolverine you can feel the dark but yet powerful atmosphere as you see the reels spin and the numbers roll in when you win. There is armor, heavy boots, a dog chain, skulls and many more objects of Wolverine's life that fill the screens. Amongst the reels there are two main symbols that lead to the bonus game and free spin feature. The Wolverine is the wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols in order to make up a winning line. When three or more of the wolverines appear on your screen you are also awarded a special free spin where all of the wild wolverine symbols are held and the remaining reels are spun. This is an automatic win and can really enhance your cash pool when you land this extra free spin.

Meet the Enemy Scatter

The scatter symbol is the sworn enemy of Wolverine, the Sabretooth. When two or more Sabretooth symbols appear on the screen you are awarded multiplying factors of the coins you have bet to give you even better prizes. In addition three or more of the Sabretooth takes you to a new screen where the bonus battle scene game is played out.

The Bonus Battle Game

In the bonus battle scene game, Sabretooth and Wolverine fight it out with the chance of between 1 and 5 rounds. At the beginning of the bonus game, you are given detailed instructions of what to do and have to choose which attack method you want to go with. Wolverine and Sabretooth then fight it out. Every time good wins over evil i.e. Wolverine over Sabretooth you are awarded more of a cash prize. This continues until the 5th level if you have been lucky enough to win 5 levels and here you are eligible for the big bonus cash prize.

Wolverine: A Character to be Reckoned With

Playing Wolverine is a step back in time to the enjoyable comic days of the late 1970's when Wolverine first came on to the scene in the Incredible Hulk comic books. Today even though Wolverine is a firm member of the X-Men, he is also a strong enough character to stand on his own and hold is own enjoyable and thrilling slots game that offers some fantastic chances to win cash prizes within its 25 reels.