Fantastic Four Slots

The Fantastic Four are true modern day super heroes who have graced comic books and our silver screens. They are still alive and have been re-enacted in a slot from Cryptologic forming part of their Marvel Comics Progressive portfolio. The four mutants fight against their arch enemy and former friend Dr Doom over the value of human kind each using their new found powers for good, evil and sometimes even for personal gain. The Human Torch, an agile ball of fire that can burn up anything in his path, the Invisible Woman, the unbelievably strong Thing and of course Mr Fantastic all feature in this wonderfully entertaining slot with graphics and animation to match expectations. Set in the lab that created them these human experiments set off to unleash their powers on the world.

Save the world and walk away with mountains of cash

The aim of the game is to hit one of the three progressive jackpots. With minimums starting from $40, $500 and a huge $5,000 they must be won! These are easy to hit since they are randomly triggered and they can pop at any time regardless of your bet and win. What it boils down to is a matter of time. They are hit every few hours so pace yourself. Reduce your bet size to avoid spinning your balance out. This is done by adjusting the coin value which varies between 1c to as much as $5 per coin. There are 25 paylines and it is essential that you bet on all of these lines to get the most out of your game play.

How the super powers work together to make one big incredible game

The 5 mutants are all wilds but each of them is specific to only one reel. As wilds they can substitute for any other symbol to form a paying combination. Get all 5 of them on the same payline and the fixed jackpot of 5,000 coins is yours for the taking.

The scatter is the encircled titanium 4, symbolizing the Fantastic Four. The scatter is the multiplier and pays no matter where on the reels they fall. 5 scatter symbols will pay out as many as 100 times your bet. Three or more of these symbols will send you hurtling head first into the Fantastic Four Feature where free spins and their fine print are the order of the day. Some of the higher paying symbols include the twisted ladder strand of magnified DNA paying out based on how many can be found together on the same payline. There is also of course the Fantastic Four Headquarters, luminescent against the night sky and the lab bottle filled with blue liquid.

Can you tell where the money lies?

Use your super powers to determine how many free spins you get. Enter the feature by getting 3 scattered Fantastic Four logos and you will be presented with the 5 profiles of the featured super humans. The choice between 15 free spins doubled and 10 free spins where winnings are tripled is almost equivalent while Dr Doom is the real gamble. Keep spinning until Dr Doom appears on reel 5, this could give out 1 spin or 100, take the risk and make his day!

The fearless Fantastic Four and Dr Doom are a lethal combination creating havoc where ever they go. Join them for an action packed ride amidst free spins and risk taking. Download the software and get playing; the action is a matter of clicks away.