27 Slots

Play Casino Club's new 27 Slots online slot game! The 3-reel progressive slot game suits beginners thanks to simple rules and a clear-cut paytable. Reminiscent of classic fruit or Cherry Slots online, the main goal is to line up three symbols to earn credits. The value of those credits is based on your original wager.

Getting Started with Twenty-Seven Slots

Start by placing your bet. To win the largest prizes, you'll need to bet the maximum credits. To make this easy, there is a Bet Max button. Reduce or increase your bet by clicking the plus and minus buttons.

Once you've decided on your wager, click Spin or Auto-Play. Auto-Play continually spins the reels for a set amount of spins and for the same amount as your original wager. If you need to change your bet, simply re-click Auto-Play and change the bet.

Understanding the Double Option

After a winning spin, 27 Slots allows you to double your winnings. If you decide to take this option, you're brought to a screen with an upside-down playing card. Correctly predict the color of that card—black or red—to double your winnings.

If you fail, you're taken back to the Twenty-Seven slot screen. If you win, you have the opportunity to play another bonus round and try to quadruple your winnings. The game continues until you decide to take your winnings or you incorrectly guess the color of the card.

Landing the Mystery Prize

Twenty-Seven slots offers a bonus feature involving the “Mystery” symbol. Land three of the Mystery Dice symbols and win a random bonus. Your bonus is a multiplier, values vary from game to game, that increase your winnings by as much as 500x.

Symbols and Values for 27 Slots

The wild card is the number 27. Twenty-Seven Slots wild card replaces other symbols to help you achieve the best possible win. For example, if your screen shows two grapes, the wild card would become a grape so that you could win that prize.

The lowest prize tier involves three lemons or three cherries. If you land all three, your bet is multiplied by four. Three oranges deliver a 6x multiplier. A trio of grapes is worth an 8x multiplier.

Larger multipliers arrive with the watermelon and star. Three watermelons are worth 20x. Three stars deliver a 30x multiplier.

Land three 27 symbols and take home the progressive jackpot. The Mystery symbol is worth anywhere from 4 to 500x; that value is chosen randomly by the computer.

Simple Online Slot Enjoyment

Play 27 Slots at Casino Club! The online casino offers a 100 percent deposit match for new players. Also, take advantage of their VIP club. VIP members receive special promotions, online happy hours and much more.