Harrah's Wants Federal Internet Gambling Laws

In a recent statement Harrah's, one of the major players in working to develop and implement federal online gambling regulations, has spoken out against state by state laws. The federal laws, which would effectively develop a standard set of online gaming regulations, are a great idea for the larger casinos but may be more problematic for the smaller operations trying to get into the online casino market. With a wide variety of online options for those that crave slot machine action, games such as Dolphin Slots, Aztec Slots, Deal or No Deal Slot Machine Online and Cherry Slots Online would be uniformly implemented and regulated across the USA with the proposed federal laws. This would mean that individual states would not be able to develop their own legislation, which could be a drawback for states with already established casinos and online gaming. Atlantic City, one such location, is eager for a New Jersey online casino bill that would open up online gambling and attract more online casinos and gamblers. Although the current bill focuses on sports betting, you can rest assured that other forms of online betting are right around the corner. Right now in New Jersey they aren't waiting for the federal laws, Senator Lesniak has already got the ball rolling with his own proposed bill.

For those eager to get into the action of online gambling, you still have a lot of choices, even without a federal law in place. Popular games including Queen of the Nile online slots, and the Enchanted Garden Slot Download are terrific choices with great payouts and lots of action. Until the federal bill is passed, which isn't likely to happen anytime soon, states still have the option to pass their own bills governing online casino gaming, regardless of what the larger casinos may want.