Diamond Surprise Slots

The Diamond Surprise Slots is one of the easiest slot games to play. The game is very user friendly and it has got great graphics, picture and sound. In order for you to be able to win the jackpot in this slot game, you have to first of all understand how it is played. You can easily learn the game over a few couple of minutes and you will be now spinning the reels and enjoying great fun.

The Main key features of the Diamond Surprise Slots are as follows:

The diamond surprise slots will definitely thrill you to the max because of its wonderful surprises, ready and available to be offered to its players.

In order to win the jackpot, you simply have got to follow the simple procedures so as to make your way through to the jackpot.

This slot game is a 3 reel 1 pay line online slot. Its main key feature is the tremendous 15,000 coin jackpot. You are able to win this jackpot if you get the red, yellow and blue diamond on the pay line.

The game can be a lot fun and you can easily boost your chances of winning when you get the multiplier and wild diamond symbols.

You will be guaranteed a good return if you get any cherry on a pay line.

Wild diamond symbols: All diamonds in this slot game are wild symbols. They will substitute any other symbols to create a winning combination. You should also note that these diamonds also act as multiplier symbols.

Multiplier Symbols: The multiplier symbols are the diamonds and also a pair of diamonds. The winning combinations that you would have to get are as follows.

  • 1 Orange Diamond = 2X
  • 1 Blue Diamond = 3X
  • 1 Red Diamond = 2X
  • 1 Blue Diamond and 1 Orange Diamond = 6X
  • 1 Red Diamond and 1 Orange Diamond = 10X
  • 1 Red Diamond and 1 Blue Diamond = 15X