Solid Debit Card

In an age where society finds itself in a virtual debt trap with little or no personal savings and huge credit card debts, it is considered very essential that people learn to effectively manage their money. To offset the risks of credit cards and to combine it with the benefits of a debit card, the introduction of Solid Debit Cards is seen as an effective money management tool. Solid debit cards can be procured with minimal paper work and are widely accepted at millions of merchant outlets; both online and offline.

Using a solid debit one can conveniently manage money while traveling. It eliminates the need to carry cash, travelers check or other forms of money and has acceptability at all merchants where Master and Visa cards are accepted. One can manage the amount of money one wants to spend and keep a tab on spending because the card needs to be topped up before being used. Therefore, one can be sure whether or not one wants to incur the added expenditure. Besides, if we do wish to have the flexibility of having access to extra funds, we can top the card beyond its limit and have the funds saved in the e-wallet, for use if needed.

Alternative US depositing methods

While Solid Debit Card is good prepaid card solution, you may want to consider other US friendly depositing methods , such as

Managing expenses and finances with the solid debit card is possible because it is on our hand to control the spending. It gives the convenience associated with plastic money and at the same time lets you ensure that you do not go over the limit with the spending. The solid debit card can be topped up online from an existing credit card or through wire transfer of funds from a bank account. As one is able to keep track of how much money has been loaded into the account, it gives the user the chance to manage the spending and in turn manage expenses. As one can request additional cards for other family members, it also allows the user to track and manage the spending of family members. As a solid debit card can be used virtually across the globe in several countries, the user can regulate and manage the amount of money they carry. The flexibility of withdrawing money from the ATM further regulates the money carried on hand.

The flexibility to spend both online and offline, keep a tight control and vigil on the expenses incurred, avoid paying high rates of interest and enjoy the security and flexibility of plastic money are features that allow Solid Credit Cards to efficiently manage expenses of the user. The user has the choice to keep a control on the limit he puts on the card, irrespective of the maximum limit allowed on the card. Unlike the credit card where the user is given a top limit and can spend that much, using a solid debit card, the user can manage his expenses by topping the card by just as much expense he wants to incur. Thus solid debit cards allow better management of expenses and give the user much peace.

An effective and controllable medium of transacting solid debit cards can offer users a way to manage expenses and enjoy hassle free shopping at the same time.

Solid Debit Card and Online Gaming

Solid Debit Card is extremely useful for online gamers are living in the United States or Canada. Since NETeller doesn't accept Canadian and American players and nobody has been able to fill their shoes, Solid Debit Card is slowly getting there. Go Casino, Online Vegas Casino, Silver Dollar Casino and Crazy Slots Casino are accept Solid Debit Card.